The end of the Celtics-Hawks, game 4

I’ll go rapid fire in the comments section.


37 Responses to “The end of the Celtics-Hawks, game 4”

  1. sloan Says:

    Rondo out for Cassell, huge three by posey to cut the Hawks’ lead to three.

  2. sloan Says:

    Even huger offensive rebound by Childress!

  3. sloan Says:

    Hawks by three, with two freebies coming, 40 seconds left.

  4. sloan Says:

    When did Atlanta get a crowd?

    Joe Johnson hits the first.

  5. sloan Says:

    missed the second.

  6. sloan Says:

    Paul pierce gets wide open by the hoop, loses the ball, misses the layup.

  7. sloan Says:

    Hawks by four, 26.2 left, smith at the line. courtney’s favorite player.

  8. sloan Says:

    First one down.

  9. sloan Says:

    smith has seven blocks, btw

  10. sloan Says:

    time out celtics, 26 seconds left, down six.

    note to self: move to atlanta.

  11. sloan Says:

    commercial. whatever happens with this series, the rondo-cassell thing is the biggest question mark for the celtics, despite how good rondo’s been all year and how good cassell used to be. can the platoon work?

  12. sloan Says:

    childress’s fro looks extra big considering how many bald guys the celtics throw out there.

    ray allen with the dunk. celtics down four with 18.7.

  13. sloan Says:

    that’s right, ray allen with the dunk.

  14. sloan Says:

    this atlanta starting five is pretty formidable.

  15. sloan Says:

    on paper.

  16. sloan Says:

    nice stalling by the hawks, four more ticks gone off the clock.

  17. sloan Says:

    joe johnson is playing OUT OF HIS MIND.

  18. sloan Says:

    joe john sinks two, six point lead.

  19. sloan Says:

    woah, posey hit ANOTHER THREE. what a pick up he’s turned out to be for the celtics. three point game, four seconds left.

  20. sloan Says:

    home court is BIG in the nba.

  21. sloan Says:

    home cooking and all that. ibet the food is good in ATL.

  22. sloan Says:

    sign me up for the hawks’ bandwagon. i’m there.

  23. sloan Says:

    smith back at the line. first one in. game time.

  24. sloan Says:

    sinks the second. jesus, HUGE WIN. 2-2.

    the c’s now have less momentum than the stones. that’s a good thing.


  25. zachary Says:

    jsmith is the dope stuff. i like how courtney thinks.

  26. Kenny Says:

    yea this sort of puts the stones struggles in perspective. Does this mean anything going forward for atlanta, regardless of how this series ends up turning out? Josh Smith is really, really gifted athletically. I’ve always thought pretty highly of Joe Johnson too, but this was just rediculous. I mean they are obviously really young, Horford is going to be an 18 and 10 guy in my opinion, Joe John is already a 20 ppg scorer. Marvin Williams and Josh Childress bring length and athleticism. I mean this team could be really, really good. Imagine if they had CP3 out there running the point. Actually don’t imagine that, it wouldn’t bode well for the stones.

  27. zachary Says:

    how big was the bibby pickup for the hawks? that was a good move i felt the entire time. bibby, zaza, smith, johnson and player ____ . not bad team there

  28. zachary Says:

    also. notice the atlanta fans, totally into it. this is now a crowd you see at detroit games or lakers games. why is that? have the lakers been too good too long? are our fans passive now to our relative success?

    the atlanta fans were yelling at refs standing up on every call, cheering like crazy. it was great was almost as fun as the game.

    i will never move to atlanta, no matter how good the food is jerry. seems like a heat dungeon. i need a body of water next to me.

  29. sloan Says:

    yeah, the palace crowds always seem dead. not sure why.

    if the hawks had dwill or chris paul, they’d be unreal. horford is the truth, smith and johnson are all-star-level players. zaza doesn’t bring much, though zach seems pretty excited about him.

    i’m not sure about the bibby trade. they gave up shelden williams, who’s decent, and it’s not like they’re going to contend for the title with bibby. i really liked acie law in college, i wish he had more time to develop.

  30. sloan Says:

    kenny talked about chris webber’s thoughts on the stones from the tnt broadcast. well, someone went and transcribed a ton of good analysis:

    via truehoop, via detroit bad boys

    Smith on the Detroit Pistons underachieving: “(The Pistons) are the student in class that doesn’t have to study to get a ‘B’. Then if that student studies, they are an ‘A’ student. So some nights, they say they’ll be a ‘B’ but their opponent, who might be inferior, will raise their game up to a ‘B+’ and you lose games. If they come in early, study more and come in more mentally prepared and they can beat this team easily.”

    Webber on how to handle Pistons center Rasheed Wallace when he was in jeopardy of receiving a technical foul: “I had a good relationship with him and I would say, ‘do you want to get a tech, do you think you need it, what do you want to do?’ He knows, he’s not going to get kicked out in a game like this, even thought I think it was Game #6 in Cleveland last year that he got kicked out, but he’ll compose himself. He’ll probably calm down a little in the second half.”

    Webber on the feeling in the locker room during halftime: “No disrespect to Flip (Saunders), but it doesn’t matter what Flip says, because they take on the personality of Joe Dumars. Rip (Hamilton), Chauncey (Billups), Tayshaun Prince, Rasheed (Wallace) and (Antonio) McDyess are very mad right now, they probably aren’t even talking and they are probably just saying, ‘ok we’re going to go win this game.”

    Barkley on why he doesn’t think the Pistons have the personality of Pistons president and legend Joe Dumars: “I don’t know about that. Joe Dumars was a stud, played hard the whole time, and that team coasts. They’ve had the best record in the East for the last four or five years because they were much better than everybody in the East, but now these other teams have gotten better and they haven’t been back to the Finals. Joe Dumars (has) got to be rolling over in his grave.”

    Webber: “Joe will come down to the locker room and tell everybody I don’t know what you think you’re doing, I’ll trade everybody.”

    that’s the best website in the world, big ups to the good people at

  31. Pat Says:

    Yeah i hope this series gives a little perspective to us pistons fans who were wailing after being down 2-1. (jerry)

    The hawks are going to get blown out in game 5.

    They are young and exciting and won 2 playoff games but i don’t see enough improvement coming from within a 37 win team or whatever they were to actually be a title contender any time soon.

    They have Joe Johnson making franchise player type money when he’s really more of complimentary player….would you trade rip for him?

    Starting next season their best player might be Horford. He’ll never be the most gifted athletically but he’ll be the best basketball player.

    No team with josh smith as a leader will ever go anywhere meaningful.

    All this said, theres no reason they shouldn’t improve next season and get themselves at least over .500 and be a winning team but thats still a far cry from a championship contender.

  32. Pat Says:

    The thing about that johnson contract, i don’t know the hawks contract situations but it seems like they aren’t going to be able to pay all these guys the money they want. This may be a situation where a team doesn’t have that long to grow together.

    It shouldn’t be that surprising that the hawks won their home games, they were 25-16 at home and just 12-29 on the road during the regular season.

  33. zachary Says:

    you HATE josh smith. man dominated. and dominates.

    joe dumars for coach? has that been discussed?

    id like to see him trade the whole team.
    f these lazy asses. they look like state students after a night of drinking and mennas.

    last final today, then a take home exam.

    go green!

    redwings tonight. start the commentary now sloaner!

  34. Pat Says:

    No, joe dumars should never coach. His legacy would never be the same if he tried his hat at coaching. He has the respect of everyone because he’s smart enough to know where he’s best, which is in the front office.

    Josh smith has great athletic ability but i don’t like his mentality. He’s certainly not a superstar but yes, he’s a good player.

    He is not going to trade the whole team, thats a bad idea.

    A better question is this, what tweak can be made in the off season to re-energize this team and give them more focus and desire without dropping the overall talent level. I’m not sure the young players are going to take a big enough step to actually come in and make a difference, this might be summer to make a 2 star for 1 type trade…but i’m not sure you can get the production back that you are going to be sending out, i don’t like the idea of taking a step back and missing the playoffs or any of that, i like winning.

    While we all complain about the pistons dropping a game they shouldn’t lose to Philadelphia, its a much better alternative to have high expectations and a team that could possibly win the championship rather than a 30 win team where we are hoping the draft can bring us a star to help us next season.

  35. zachary Says:

    agreement here pat.

    you obviously are thinking about trades. what 2 for 1 would you try to execute?

    happy flying.

  36. sloan Says:

    i’ll start working on trades. i’d like to get a legit, go-to alpha scorer. preferably low-post scorer.

  37. zachary Says:

    we could have drafted chris bosh. thats what ive been saying all along.

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