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Can I write a whole post while ending every sentence with a question mark?

April 4, 2008

What’s going on in Ann Arbor? Why do all these people keep leaving? Is RichRod that bad? O-linemen are leaving? Since when do o-linemen leave any place with food? Even if you don’t like a new coach, isn’t transferring too much of a pain? What the hell? I mean seriously, what the hell? Bro? Matt? Heintz?


The historical significance of CWebb

March 26, 2008

I always had a soft spot for Chris Webber—I can’t help but like the guy, and I wish he could have gotten some kind of title. So much potential, so many flashes of brilliance. But never the unadulterated success.

I followed his career from high school. He was the best player (though not my favorite player) on the team that helped me fall in love with basketball. That counts for a lot on a personal level.

Could he coach some day? I don’t know.

Should he make the hall of fame? No.

Pet peeve

January 1, 2008

First quarter, Tim Tebow is driving Florida down the field, the Wolverine defense powerless to stop him. Tebow completes a pass to the Michigan seven, where the receiver takes a hard hit, but holds onto the ball. The safety who hit him celebrates openly.

Jamar Adams, why are you celebrating? The Gators are slicing up your d, driving at will. They just completed a long pass on your secondary. You hit the receiver hard, but it didn’t stop him from catching the ball. Why are you celebrating?

A few plays later Adams was beat on a touchdown throw, but it was called back. A couple of plays after that, Tebow hit an absolutely wide open receiver for a score. Adams was the closest Wolverine, maybe eight yards away.