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The NBA never left!

March 14, 2008

A lot of new people/returning old people are watching the NBA this year. Which is undeniably a good thing—there’s plenty of room on the bandwagon, tell your friends.

Yesterday I called Pat just to rave about how fun the Phoenix-Golden State game was. Basketball people always overstate the importance of one game, but that was a big win for Phoenix. Shaq Deezy was completely ineffective, but they didn’t need him. Diaw gave some good minutes, and Amare completely abused the Golden State interior defense. You could put Charles Barkley back on the Suns tomorrow and he could eviscerate the Golden State interior defense. If an opponent gets inside the three point line, Golden State should immediately foul.

That being said, Monta and Baron are a really exciting one-two punch, and I can’t wait to see them in the playoffs. Nash is a huge defensive liability at this point (and at every point I can remember in his NBA career.)

My MVP top five:
1. Bron
2. Chris Paul
3. Kobe (I buy Simmons’ point that MVPs don’t piss away an eighth/a tenth of the season while sulking about management)
4. KG
5. Rasheed! That’s right, try to challenge that pick.

Allow me to do an impression of every Bostonian during my first five years here:

Wait, we have an NBA team? I don’t even like the NBA. When is spring training?

Right now Utah is battling the Cs in Boston, up nine with three minutes left. But you have to give KG a ton of credit—he has completely re-energized this basketball city. The crowd is intense and they’ve been going nuts all night. Glad to have the Celtics back in the NBA. I guess.


Best NBA regular season ever

February 21, 2008

That Kobe Bryant is decent at basketball. Uhh… the pinky didn’t seem to be bothering him.

Shaq was great too. I love the NBA right now.

Also, I saw exactly zero minutes of the game, but Chris Paul threw considerable ink on the stat page (31, 11 dimes, NINE steals) against “defensive upgrade” Jason Kidd.

More later, must sleep.

Shaq on the damn Suns

February 13, 2008

From Simmons’ defense of the Suns getting Shaq:

Steve Nash looked like a dispirited alpha dog on a Survivor tribe that keeps falling short in every challenge.

That simile shouldn’t work, but he’s completely right. Simmons is the king of almost delegitimizing “real” sports by comparing it to something like Road Rules and then having it make senses.

I’ll post more thoughts about the trade in the comments.

Absolutely no idea

February 6, 2008

I have zero time at the moment, but I can’t believe Phoenix would deal Marion for Shaq. Is Marion just deadly in the locker room? Have they seen any of Shaq’s games this year? The NBA world is going insane. But I like it.

That being said, I have the Matrix on my fantasy team, and he’ll probably average 30-20 on the Heat.

UPDATE: I just saw Kenny commented on a different post about this:

Also, in huge news, what’s with the suns talking about trading for Shaq? I don’t think I’m the only one thinking that he wouldn’t be the best fit in their offense.

I guess the Suns are thinking that they can score enough points already. Conceivably, Shaq could stay back on a lot of easy running buckets, never make it past half-court.

They must be staring at San Antonio’s four rings and thinking that they have to get someone who can belly up to Duncan in the playoffs. But if they wanted a defensive stopper in the middle, why not go after the other O’Neal, Jermaine? Shaq is an old ass dude.

Your NBA champions

February 1, 2008

DVR is challenging for inclusion among the top three things in my life (currently: Courtney, Taco Bell, Red Bull.) I fell asleep before the end of the Spurs-Suns game but I just jammed the fourth quarter in about fifteen minutes (it’s amazing how much time is spent on timeouts and commercials.)

The Suns had a solid four point lead with a little under a minute left, when Mike Finley hit a huge three and Steve Nash answered with two horrible possession. Suddenly the Spurs are up three, when Amare gets a bucket and 1. Clanks it, game time.

All of this without Tony Parker. If the Spurs are healthy coming into the playoffs and they’re not your pick to win the title, you’re crazy. They just win.

They’re beatable, but they’re the team to beat.

Barbosa dealt to Knicks

January 18, 2008

Craig Sager reports that Barbosa got a call last night in his hotel room telling him he’d been traded to the Knicks and that he should find Steve Kerr immediately. So that Brazilian Blur is running around looking for Kerr, tears in his eyes, justifiably pissed. He can’t find Kerr, so he goes to see Dan D’Antoni—a Suns assistant and Mike’s brother and something of a personal coach to Barbosa. And D’Antoni tells Barbosa that it was a prank caller and that he shouldn’t check in to a hotel under his real name. These crazy kids nowadays and their antics.

In a related story, I’ve never been a huge Suns fan. They’ve done a lot for the league, and their offensive flexibility is a nice antidote to the Spurs/Stones sometimes stultifying style of play. But there are always stretches during their games when they can’t stop anyone and both sides start heaving threes. Offense merely for the sake of offense, out of control offense, doesn’t really interest me.

Camby’s stat line last night: 8 points, 24 boards, 11 blocks. They couldn’t get him a lay-up at the end? It’s amazing how good he’s been since overcoming the injury woes.

Off-color language from the purple and orange

January 10, 2008

According to True Hoop, after impressive dunks fellow Traverse Citian (turned NBA mainstay turned TV analyst) Dan Majerle will say, “Hey hun, don’t forget the coffee!”

If you’ve seen Good Will Hunting, you might remember that that’s the punchline to a joke about oral sex.

It’s a funny scene and a funny reference for Majerle to make, but I have to believe that the TV execs who sign Thunder Dan’s checks wouldn’t be thrilled if they understood what he was saying. Does everyone just listen and never acknowledge it?