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JetBlue is the CWebb of airlines

April 3, 2008

It’s very good—but doesn’t quite live up to the hype.

Courtney loves JetBlue, mostly for the leg room (pretty good for coach) and for the TVs at every chair (with live TV!)

I was especially excited about that last option, because Davidson’s Elite 8 game coincided with my flight to Orlando. I got to watch (almost) the whole thing while stuck on the plane—very cool. Bad things: the volume control was jammed on extreme LOUD mode and my Bose headphones would have made me deafer than my dad if I tried to handle Gus Johnson at that volume for more than three seconds. Also, the plane cut the TV power with seven seconds left, as Davidson was taking their final, futile shot. It could not have been worse timing and half the plane groaned in unison. JetBlue turned it back a minute later, but the moment was gone.

On that note, congrats to Davidson on a great run. Curry should go pro right now—his stock can’t get higher and his team couldn’t play any better. Get to the league my friend!

Also, I got to watch the Tigers season opener from a poolside bar because the Yankees game was rained out (finally the Yankees do something nice for us!) That being said, I had to watch the Tigers’ pen confirm our worst fears. We need to get the bats going, on the quickness.

I know I’m biased because I like Marquette, but is it 100% that Crean did the right thing for himself leaving MU? He’s going to have incredible expectations and he’ll be dealing with sanctions. And who wants to live in Bloomington?

There are other stories I’m forgetting.


Short basketball thoughts

March 29, 2008

–Simmons really nails Chris Webber’s career here—though he completely ignores the Michigan scandals. Getting paid to play college ball and getting caught couldn’t have impacted him?

–I never liked Wisconsin. I had USC taking them out in the second round, which looks stupid now, but I feel strangely vindicated because Wisco got blown out by NCAA powerhouse David’s progeny (that was a Reese joke.)

–There’s no shame in losing to Memphis. They’re a damn good team, and they have a chance to win the whole thing. If State hadn’t slowed down in the end of the regular season and had gotten a better seed, maybe they could have gone further. But a good season nonetheless.

–Zach Randolph can’t get it right in video games either:

–Gone until Thursday. Peace to my old earth.

LaMarcus Aldridge

March 12, 2008

How is it physically possible to be 6’11” and play 37 minutes and get two rebounds?

Feel free to gripe about your own fantasy players.

Stern is God

February 14, 2008

Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but isn’t it a little strange that the two biggest franchises in basketball history (the Lakers and the Celtics) have both had miraculous turnarounds over the past year? There’s no way Stern had a hand in this?

If New York gets Beasley in the draft, we’ll know for sure! (Do the Knicks even have a first rounder? Doubtful.)