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For Zach

February 8, 2008

Perfection on


Football analysis via facebook status updates

February 4, 2008

Names redacted to protect the innocent:

…loves that the Patriots lost!

…is In SHOCK.

…is how many days till spring training?

…is in shock…who knew she cared this much…

…is convinced Eli takes it in the ass.

…is speechless.

…is f’ing happy.

…America loves an UNDERDOG!


…thinks Tom Brady can be such a douche bag sometimes.

…blames mumbles for jynxing the game. [Mumbles is a derogatory nickname for Boston’s mayor Tom Menino.]

…makes a superb lasagna!!! [Not everyone was watching the game…]

…is laughin cuz the Pats are tools and they chocked in the Super Bowl!!! Thank God I never joined the bandwagon!!!!

…can’t stop smilin :) and the giants just won…hell yea!! what a good weekend.

…is there goes your perfect season bitches!!!!!

The big winner tonight: Donkeylips

February 3, 2008

There was a moment early during the first Giants series when I had a profound revelation—there was a football game being played. Especially being in Boston, the hype over the last two weeks has been so crazy and overwhelming. It was nice to be reminded of why we watch sports in the first place—for great games like this. Sports have an incredible capability to shock us and surprise us over and over again.

Three terrible outcomes:

1. Renewed New York fans. The only force more annoying in sports than Boston fans are New York fans.

2. More exposure for the 1972 Dolphins. Those guys would be more annoying than New York fans but there’s less of them and I don’t have to bump into them on a regular basis.

3. Back-to-back Manning Super Bowl victories. I don’t think this needs to be explained.

Pats 7, GMen 3

February 3, 2008

Courtney points out that if this score sticks it’ll still be the biggest Patriots margin in any of the four Super Bowl wins.

Remember Randy Moss? He was good.

By far the best Patriots column I’ve read

January 25, 2008

Of course it’s Klosterman. He’s too good. Via Joe.

Irrational discourse

January 20, 2008

I’m as tired of the talk as much as any non-Patriots fan, probably more so because I live in Boston. It’s going to be a long two weeks.

That being said, a lot of people (one of whom is my brother) seem to feel that the Patriots actually aren’t that good, or that they’re not having a historic season unlike any since we’ve been alive. Which is just crazy. They’re 18-0. In the NFL. That just doesn’t happen.

Annoying or not, they’re playing at a level unparalleled by any team over the last twenty years. One could make a comparison to Tiger Woods or Roger Federer I suppose, but that’s about it since I’ve been watching sports.