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Two quick basketball thoughts

March 17, 2008

Xavier was my only sleeper NCAA team, and they get Georgia as a 14 seed? Georgia who just completed a miraculous run through the SEC tourney? As a 14? I hate college basketball.

Also, the Nuggs dropped 168 on the Sonics last night. In regulation. And the very smart Kelly Dwyer makes the case that their defense was the better story in the game.

I’m the biggest Iverson homer on the planet, but I think a lot of teams would hate to see Denver in the first round (if they can somehow make it–which I doubt.) When you’re guaranteed 50 from two guys every night, it makes defending a team difficult.


Whatever happened to my Nuggets hoodie?

March 8, 2008

My thinking has always been that San Antonio is the team to beat until someone beats them. There are no perfect teams in this league and the Spurs should have earned the benefit of the doubt by this point. But still no one cares. Eva could strip naked at halftime of every game and they wouldn’t get attention.

People talk about them this year like they’re going to scrape their way into the playoffs. They’ve got the best record in the conference as I type this.

This game’s not over yet, but Melo turned it around by completely torching the Spurs in the third quarter. What the hell happened to Bruce Bowen? Where does he go during these games?

The Suns, the Spurs, and the Lakers all have a good chance of coming out, and I give the advantage simply to who’s healthiest and who gets the best draw. After that, in terms of winning the title this year, I’d rank the teams Utah, Dallas, Nawlins, Denver, Golden State, Houston. Golden State can beat anybody, but they’re too streaky to go all the way. Houston is playing incredible basketball, but they can’t match up in a long series with any of these teams. Denver has pretty good role players–imagine if they had a healthy K-Mart or at least that salary cap space to play with. I love what Najera brings to that team. Nawlins is playing beautiful basketball, but I don’t think they’re ready yet. I’ve never liked Dallas and I hate that they gave up Diop. Utah relies on way too many white guys.

Everyone is talking about how deep the West is, and they’re completely right. Denver might miss the playoffs, and they’d absolutely be the third ranked team in the East. That being said, if someone wanted to bet you which conference the championship team would come from, isn’t it about even odds? Detroit and Boston are just as good as any team in the league. Lebron is playing better than any player in the league. And the top four in the east are basically going to have byes in the opening round.

Also, I made it through an entire Nuggets inspired post without mentioning that Iverson is my favorite player in the league.

Iverson has 27 points

December 5, 2007

With six minutes left in the second quarter.

Kobe who?

I love the internet

November 16, 2007

Matt sends video of AI and Detroit Pistons star Carmelo Anthony feeling good after a victory:

The guy Don Juan referenced is new to me, but here he is: