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Give blood, fight Probie

May 21, 2008

Here’s an MP3 of Barry Melrose discussing fighting in hockey. He calls Bob Probert the best hockey fighter of all-time. I doubt he’ll find much disagreement here.

It’s also part of a larger package from ESPN about hockey fighting.


Detroit has a hockey team?

May 19, 2008

Consider this a Wings post. I’ll comment live during the game.

Zach’s Wings-based intensity is even wilder than usual, perhaps because he’s fled to Chicago and is feeling the guilt that all of us who have abandoned the mitten struggle to deal with.

We need to take care of business

May 17, 2008

I look away for one second and we’re down a goal. Power play coming, let’s go Wings.

Why have I never seen this?

May 14, 2008

Via my Uncle Jack—Sam Jackson and the Wings:

Chelios is surprisingly decent in this.

The Wings are too good

May 12, 2008

That was Datsyuk’s first hat trick? And it was a natural hat trick (a non-empty net hat trick.)(Is there another term for that? Have I been away from the game too long?)

At 5-2, I can now switch to Cleveland-Boston in good conscience. Thoughts in the comments.

Previously unaddressed Wings issue

May 12, 2008

Anyone have feelings on the Osgood stick thing?

Wings coverage!

May 9, 2008

The Wings were discussed today on PTI—unfortunately it was about the fact that the squad has been dominating to a lot of empty seats.

Here’s Mitch Albom:

Before I spend one more word on how good our hockey team played Thursday night, I have to say how bad it looked to see so many empty seats at Joe Louis Arena. Cheaper seats. Expensive seats. Empty clusters. Half-empty rows.

Hey, this ain’t Nashville, folks.

This is Detroit, Hockeytown, where every seat should be filled, because these are the conference finals, the bridge to the championship, against Dallas, a team that hasn’t been here for the playoffs in 10 years. That last time was a war that ultimately led to a Detroit Stanley Cup.

Remember the Cup? We loved that thing. We felt like we earned it — every step. So what’s the problem now? I know the economy is bad. I’m not telling people to hock the jewelry or find a job.

But we’re not talking 100,000 spots here, either. There are enough fans and money in our area to fill those absent clusters. Hey, if we can fill Lions seats, we can fill Red Wings seats.

The Pistons are having the same problem.

I know the NBA and NHL aren’t as popular as the NFL and MLB, but if we can’t sell out playoff games with top five teams, we’re in trouble. If I lived within driving distance of the D, I’d be there. I’d be there!

Il Triple Overtime

May 5, 2008

Yet another Red Wings icon trying to capitalize on the long-standing NHL/wine connection.


April 20, 2008

Get it, Osgreat? Osfantastic would have been funnier? Osifihadasisteryoucouldsleepwithmysister?

Chris Osgood was unreal in that series.

Also, anyone get deja vu on that Lidstrom goal? Osgood used to let in those red line goals all the time. We would always be speculating about whether he had some kind of vision problem.

Also, I’ve now surpassed Zach (who’s been crippled by a mild sore throat) in terms of Red Wing fandom. I’m converting my number 25 Amir Johnson Stones jersey to a number 25 Darren McCarty jersey for the playoffs.

BC wins the frozen four!

April 13, 2008

Can’t talk, too busy crying/trembling with emotion/screaming in joy/checking my pools/collecting my winnings.