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Possibility recedes, hairline recedes

November 13, 2007

One of the strangest things for me about being old (23) is that some elite athletes are noticeably younger than me. See Kevin Durant:

The best time to see that Durant is still a kid is before games. At Staples Center this morning he shoots for only 15 minutes, then plants himself on the scorer’s table to check out the peripheral action, specifically the warmup routines of the Clippers’ dance team. It’s not what you think — well, it’s sort of what you think — but Durant gets just as big a kick out of watching the junior team, swaying and bobbing his head to replicate the preteens’ moves. He is already celebrated around Seattle for offering to play video games with any young neighbors who have the temerity to come knocking on his door. “Sometimes they bring him cookies,” says his mother.

KD—an exceedingly wealthy young man, with exceedingly ridiculous talent—lives with his mom. I love love love my mom, but I would rather cheer for the Bulls than live with my mom on a full-time basis again. Read the SI piece.