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May 23, 2008

I’m consolidating the parties, like after Thanksgiving dinner when kids get to sit at the big table and eat some pie. Go go go.


The little general

May 22, 2008

Simmons has a stream-of-consciousness column up right now. Thoughts on weed fan Josh Howard:

Hey, just because the Mavs are long gone from the playoffs doesn’t mean we have to stop making Josh Howard jokes, right? Can we call the 2008 Mavericks team video “Howard and Kumar”? Do you think he ever tried to get Shawn Bradley high? Has Visine approached him about becoming its new endorser yet? Does he own a 7-foot bong that he named “Desagana?” How many times do you think he toked up with a teammate, then fell over in hysterics imitating Avery Johnson’s voice?

I’m only on Red Bull, but that’s a hilarious image.

Zach reads the Freep

May 22, 2008

RichRod is changing traditions already!

I didn’t realize Henne wasn’t a captain last year.

Winning NBA and NHL titles ain’t easy!

I think the Wings have a much better shot, maybe 50/50, of winning the Stanley Cup. I think the Stones have about a 15% chance, though I would have put that at 25% if we had stolen game one.

Tough week for the sports columnist

May 18, 2008

Tony Kornheiser retired from his Washington Post sports column this week, though he hadn’t been writing much for years.

Dan Le Batard is taking a break from the business:

I’m going away for a year. I’m going to China, Spain and Adulthood. And I’m as excited about this sabbatical as I’ve ever been about anything.

Jason Whitlock is clearing his mind:

I’m here to recharge. I need a short break to figure out what’s really important and recover from an incredible run of great stories to document. You know, I’ve been bouncing from one sporting event to the next pretty much nonstop for 18 years. I’ve been glued to a TV watching games for three decades.

Bill Simmons is not happy with ESPN:

I still love writing my column and only re-signed last year because I really did believe that we had hashed out all the behind the scenes bullshit and come to some sort of agreement on creative lines, media criticism rules, the promotion of the column and everything else on Within a few months, all of those things changed and certain promises were not kept. It’s as simple as that.

Meanwhile, I’m exhausted from watching six hours of NBA action every night for the last two months:

It’s tiring posting ten comments on each of my own entries. I piss Diet Mountain Dew. I can’t handle the weird little pictures that WordPress started putting next to everyone’s comments. The Red Wings can’t put away the Stars. My life is in ruins. I’m going to delete this and start a quilting blog.

Deep sports question

May 12, 2008

1. We all understand how bad the Lions franchise is. We all know how much of an idiot Kitna is. I know we lost 7 of 8 to finish the season. But we were almost 500 last year—why are we 29th in the NFL power rankings? And why are they doing power rankings already? Why is Matt Millen rich?

2. Why were the Red Wings/Tigers/Stones stacked into a six hour period Saturday night? I’d rather spread the love around. Sunday was boringly Detroit-free (though part of that was Yankee rain. At least we didn’t lose.)

3. I think I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: why doesn’t Comcast (and RCN and all cable companies) set more accurate time slots for sporting events? There must be some financial reason for this, because every basketball/football/hockey/the vast majority of baseball games ends after the time suggested. This sucks because when you want to set up a recording of the game you always have to record the next program as well, or you’ll miss the ending (which can reasonably be deemed the best part.) The worst is when there’s a historic overtime finish and your DVR cuts out because the game went so much longer than anticipated: how long until DVRs can be programmed on the fly to keep recording until they game actually finishes?

Versus ruins another life

April 18, 2008

Life is good for Zach in Chicago:

because jesus hates me, not only do i have a terrible cold with an outrageous amount of green mucus spewing from my nose and throat making me not want to do anything that doesnt involve sitting/napping/popping cold medicine like tic tacs, christens cable provider does not offer versus as a standard channel. it costs extra as part of a sports package. why must god torment me like this? not only am i sick as shit, but i cant watch the red wings playoffs, the one sport event i really do like watching.

there is no heaven, only hell and i am living in it right now.

have a good day


This same thing happened to me during last year’s playoffs. (One of the few downsides of being with Christen. Just kidding. Almost the same thing happened to me during last year’s playoffs. Just not at Christen’s house.)

ESPN nixes Simmons-Obama podcast?

April 16, 2008

Via Matt Yglesias:

The NY Daily News is reporting that Obama was ready to do a BS Report podcast (Simmons has said a few times how much he likes Obama) but ESPN spiked it at the last minute.

The Daily News says the president of ESPN has donated $1,000 to McCain. A company PR flak in the piece basically says that they need to give equal time to all candidates.

The whole thing is really too bad. Simmons has had some complete non-entities on as guests (some guy who writes a pro wrestling magazine? every friend he’s ever had?) and I’ve been entertained, so imagine the kind of traffic that an Obama interview would get. Is ESPN really worried about its most popular online personality getting tagged as too political? Maybe it would embarrass the rest of ESPN’s coverage by actually being relevant to the world?

Simmons liking Obama seems to be tied explicitly to Obama’s love for basketball and cigarettes. It’s not like BS was going to be stumping for Keynesian economic policy and an end to American imperialism, more like for Bird’s place above Magic in the NBA pantheon.

Another stupid move from the worldwide follower.

ABC/ESPN should get the tournament every year

March 22, 2008

And broadcast games concurrently on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN News/Classic/U. This one game at a time stuff is worthless. I want a smörgåsbord!

That’s right, a smörgåsbord!

Is Vogue racist?

March 20, 2008

Bill Simmons is the only ESPN Page 2 writer I read with any regularity nowadays. It just seems like they’ve really fallen behind online in terms of fresh perspectives and interesting content (though Insider still has useful stuff.) I thought Jemele Hill could help (mostly because I’m biased towards anyone from Detroit) but I haven’t been super intrigued by her pieces either.

That being said, this thing she did about Lebron’s Vogue cover is good:

Now, maybe the point was to show the contrast between brawn and beauty, masculinity versus femininity, strength versus grace. But Vogue’s quest to highlight the differences between superstar athletes and supermodels only successfully reinforces the animalistic stereotypes frequently associated with black athletes.

I don’t really know what to think about the cover, but it’s definitely very strange (on a lot of levels.)

Why have Lebron pose with a woman famously attached to another star athlete? Who could look that pissed off next to Gisele?

I don’t know, read the column.

It’s madness

March 20, 2008

Zach reports in—and swears six times:

this ncaa sports live player is a piece of shit. i get into it but it takes about 5 minutes for a game to load. the nwhe nthe game finally starts playing, its choppy as shit and buffers from 0-100% about every 4 seconds. what the fuck is buffer anyways? my comptuer is brand fucking new. i wouldnt have gone to class right now had i known this shit whouldnt be working. this class is absolutely terrrrrrible. why wont this shit work??? so frustrating. if i have a virus, im gonna freak.

go green