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Wrapping up all-star weekend

February 19, 2008

The ASG jerseys were completely horrible. The two-color thing was a cool idea, but using a similar hue on both the West and East jerseys made following the game really difficult at times.

Also, this is the most inventive dunk I’ve ever seen:


The NBA all-star reserves are in!

January 31, 2008

If you’re not excited, you’re not paying attention!

The East: Chauncey, Rip, Chris Bosh, Caron Butler, Antawn Jamison, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce (the starters, if you’ve forgotten: KG, Dwight Howard, Jkidd, Wade, BronBron)

West coast: Chris Paul, David West, Brandon Roy, Carlos Boozer, Steve Nash, Amare, Dirk (starters: Melo, AI, Yao, Duncan, Kobe)

The teams I would have picked:

East: Kidd, KG, Howard, Pierce, Bron (reserves: Wade, Chauncey, Caron, Rasheed, Gerald Wallace, Josh Smith, Rip)—I just don’t think you can put Wade as a starter considering how banged up he is and how incredibly bad the Heat are. Also, Antawn? Joe Johnson? Totally one-dimensional players.

West: Nash, Duncan, Camby, Kobe, Roy (Boozer, Chris Paul, Marion, AI, Melo, Yao, Dirk)—I can’t believe Camby got left off this team. Yao has been balling recently, but Camby has been a total force. Baron Davis and DWilliams should be on the team somewhere, but the west is just so loaded with point guards. All four of those guys would start on the east team. Also, Roy is the best player on the most surprising team in the league.

In all, it’s just frustrating how stat-oriented the voting for this thing is. Every year it becomes, “Let’s pick the highest scorers in the league!” Scoring is important, but it’s hardly the sole indication of a good basketball player.

And I’m putting Sheed on. He can come up with a bogus injury to let Chris Bosh come in.

Sheed still not interested in the All-Star game

January 24, 2008

Anyone care?

Reforming the All-Star Ballot

January 21, 2008

John Hollinger (insider-only) talks to Spurs GM R.C. Buford, and about the NBA ballot:

Buford mentioned that the Spurs, like a lot of teams, essentially play a point guard, two wings and two bigs, and have little differentiation between the wing spots or the frontcourt spots.

Which got me thinking: Why doesn’t the All-Star ballot reflect the reality of how most teams currently operate?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have fans select one point guard, two wings and two bigs, and then for coaches to choose the reserves based on those same position descriptors?

Yes, it would definitely make sense.

Here’s my starting line-up in the revised system:
Point: Nash
Wings: Kobe, Iverson
Bigs: Duncan, Boozer

Point: Kidd (it’s unfortunate for the sake of this game that the four best PGs in the league all play in the West. Chris Paul should be given to the East for the sake of parity.)
Wings: Lebron, Wade (despite the hobbling, mostly because I can’t allow myself to pick Richard Jefferson.)
Bigs: KG, Dwight Howard