My whole life as a sports fan I’ve had to share the name Jerry Sloan. My number is not retired by the Chicago Bulls, I am not the homophobic former coach of John Amaechi, and I am not the man referred to here by Andrei Kirilenko: “His main method of motivating players – care guilt. Our wages, our mistakes in the games, our actions outside the track is always cause for criticism. I want to play basketball, I want to enjoy it and not be a robot, piece of Sloan.”

You can check out my non-sports blog here, my record label here, or e-mail me here.

Or send me stuff: Jerry Sloan, 398 Columbus Ave, #74. Boston, MA, 02116

(Also, if you’re the girl on Flickr that I stole the picture for the header of this website from, please get in touch. I couldn’t figure out a way to contact you.)


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