Zach reads the Freep

RichRod is changing traditions already!

I didn’t realize Henne wasn’t a captain last year.

Winning NBA and NHL titles ain’t easy!

I think the Wings have a much better shot, maybe 50/50, of winning the Stanley Cup. I think the Stones have about a 15% chance, though I would have put that at 25% if we had stolen game one.


One Response to “Zach reads the Freep”

  1. broseph Says:

    i check the freep constantly. only because they are the one source i know of who cares about the wings…although i think they retread that old article about the abundance of swedes on the team from last year. although i still am mystified by henrik zetterberg’s noveau (furniture?) and clothing lines. he is no teemu selanne, but i’d say he’s pretty eurosmooth nonetheless.

    this is why you need hyperlinks and crap in the actual comments. oh well. jerry hit the wayback machine and post a retrospective on eurotrash hockey players.

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