Sheed got a tech

This series has officially started. Live blog while it lasts in the comments.

UPDATE: a lo-fi pre-game photo from Chair’s chair at the game: not a cheap chair:


22 Responses to “Sheed got a tech”

  1. sloan Says:

    it’s really hard for me to dislike KG. he tries so hard, he wants to win so badly. does anyone dislike that guy?

  2. sloan Says:

    mcnugget has been really good. maybe because he was only playing 29 minutes a game in the regular season.

  3. sloan Says:

    according to wikipedia, mcnugg’s middle name is “Keithflen.”


  4. sloan Says:

    via google: “Middle name is “Keithflen.”

    his mama is wrong for that!!”

    i agree. his mama should explain what that thing’s about.

  5. sloan Says:

    mcnuggs is from quitman, mississippi. and yes, i just wanted to type mississippi. population of quitman is 2,736.

  6. sloan Says:

    jeff van gundy does not think stuck is the next dwade, despite what the stones’ execs say.

  7. sloan Says:

    i’m sure the stones were just saying that stuck’s game brings a lot of the same things, not that stuck is that level of player.

  8. sloan Says:

    good thing we drafted darko!

  9. sloan Says:

    announcers are giving the stones’ fans a lot of love.

  10. sloan Says:

    sheed is one for his last 20 from three. might be time to stop shooting those babies.

  11. sloan Says:

    good first half. uhhh… good first half.

  12. sloan Says:

    DO NOT FOUL RAY ALLEN. don’t let a great, struggling shooter get free throws.

  13. sloan Says:

    there goes allen. great.

    another terrible third quarter from the stones.

  14. sloan Says:

    since i wrote about sheed, he’s hit two bigbig threes.

  15. sloan Says:

    zach was talking to me on the phone—-he gets the game three seconds faster than i do. not fair. very disorienting.

  16. sloan Says:

    damn, two point game. zach pat and i all agree that if we lose this we’re done.

  17. sloan Says:

    tay with a 20 footer. step back for the three!

  18. zachary Says:

    stuckey has the ugliest jump shot, i dont like his sidearm technique, seems like it would lead to lots of blocked shots. but hes excellent and cutting to the hoop. i love that aspect of his game.

  19. sloan Says:

    i’ve said this many times before, but i always feel like stuck is about to dribble the ball off his toe. his handle always has me worried. am i alone on this?

  20. Pat Says:

    He’s a rookie, guys don’t always look amazing as rooks. He’s going to be a stud, like i said after watching him in the summer league. A little coming out party tonight much like tayshaun had against the magic back in his rookie year?

    Huge victory, probably the best i’ve seen the pistons play on both ends of the court all season and playoffs. They made big shots, got big rebounds and were causing the celts to put up prayers and fadeaways at the end of the shot clock. Great D and a great win.

    Jerry, you still want to blow this team up and start over?

    I don’t like KG, i told u that in my text. He’s trying to impersonate Zo with his over the top emotional celebrations but zach is the original Zo impersonator. That will probably only be relevant to zach and maybe jerry if you’ve ever seen it. Kenny too.

    Now back to the D where we need to get 2 and put boston the brink. Personally, i think it might be a split again, we’ll see.

  21. yorkroberts Says:

    Both teams shot at 48-49%. The Celtics bench was a giant pile of dogshit and they essentially lacked intensity the whole game.

    Even though Rondo only turned the ball over once or twice, hepassed up shots IN THE PAINT 3-5 times. Horrible.

    Ray Allen has his shot back and was essentially playing like a young man again. If he keeps it up and the Celtics come back with intensity (especially on Defense where they did NOTHING), I think they’ll be hard to beat, even in Detroit.

    With that said, its funny to look at the box score fromt he game. The Celtics had more points in the paint, more second chance points, more Orebounds, more rebounds, more blocks…but they also had more turnovers. They just couldn’t get any stops when it counted and Detroit played good defnese, Hamilton actually drove to the basket and played much more aggresively and the Celtics didn’t have any defensive answers.

    Also, I am NEVER sitting in the 4th row again. I hate those assholes. No one even cheers down there. People were looking at me like I was insane because I cheering on the team. Also I had some asshole behind me complaining about how security won’t allow him to high five KG after every game. This is a direct quote: “For $100,000 a season I should at least be entitled to a high five. Fucking assholes”. I just wanted to turn around and say “yeah, they should let you inbound the ball or take it up court. I mean, yea…you are part of the team. You’re essentially their fourth point guard.” fucking jerk.

    It was interesting to see the way the guys interact. But no one had any intensity last night. Everyone looked tired.

  22. Kenny Says:

    I really liked the way we attacked offensively. Game one I thought we ran way to many isolations either with sheed, tay or RIP. Sheed isn’t going to be able to consistently generate offense on the block if KG is guarding him. Even if Pat doesn’t like KG he’s too good on defense and is a bad bad matchup for sheed.

    I absolutely did not think any of these games were reaching triple digits, but the pistons executed their offense brilliantly. That was exciting. I’m at work. hungover.

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