Heintz is dead to me

He’s skipping the Pistons-Celtics for trivia night? Trivia night???

That being said, trivia night is always fun.

But this is like Zach not watching game one of the Stanley Cup. Wait, he’s not watching game one of the Stanley Cup! The world is a strange place.

Kenny and I just spent a long time discussing the Bulls getting the number one pick in the draft. Wow. If the Knicks got number two, I think the government would have to step in and institutionalize mad genius David Stern. He’s drunk on power.

Also, Miami with D.Rose, D.Wade and the Matrix will immediately be a factor in the fun. The lesson, as always: tank early and often.

Pistons are getting shut out. I should shut up.


14 Responses to “Heintz is dead to me”

  1. sloan Says:

    factor in the fun? what does that mean?

  2. sloan Says:

    imagine if the bulls had gotten value out of the JWill, Ty Chandler, Eddy Curry, kept LaMarcus…

    so many mistakes. oh, and not trading for Pau, KG, Kobe….

  3. Pat Says:

    haha only jerry would post something and then respond by asking what something means….how do we know man you said it!

    Also, sure i was at trivia, but the pistons were on the entire time i was there, i was watching, cheering and paying decent attention although not as close as i would have if i was sitting home not playing trivia.

    We got hosed in trivia again, shits completely rigged.

  4. Pat Says:

    Also, winning team of trivia gets 800 large. Thats enticing.

  5. sloan Says:

    how is it rigged?

  6. sloan Says:

    the good news from last night: i had a dream in which sheed hit two threes in the last minute and we made a remarkable 12 point comeback to win the game. so i woke up feeling good.

  7. sloan Says:

    the moment i look at for last night’s game is when the pistons had finally clawed back to six down, there’s three minutes left, we’ve got a chance to seriously cut down the lead. and sheed settles for a hurried, no-chance three. he was not good last night.

  8. sloan Says:

    i just checked the turnover numbers. we only had 13, but they all seemed big last night. a lot of them were just blatant throwing the ball out of bounds type garbage. i guess you have to give the Cs credit for taking us out of our mindset.

  9. sloan Says:

    our bench was outplaying our starters last night. i know rotations tighten during the playoffs but i thought flip trusted those guys more at this point.

  10. sloan Says:

    i feel oddly serene about this series.

    barring a future KG knee injury or something, this season is probably our best chance of winning a title with the chauncey/rip/sheed core. but, at the same time, this celtics team is as talented as we are and hungrier. i think we’re older and smarter, but it’s not clear we’re better in too many key ways. chauncey would seem to be an advantage on paper, but he was worse than stuck (let alone rondo) last night.

    hey, at least dwade and LBJ aren’t playing for them.

  11. Chair Says:

    As much as the media makes a big deal about how Boston hasn’t won on the road yet, its very very very VERY difficult to win in Boston. The Celtics are an emotional team and the emotions come out at home.

    Either way, I do think that the Pistons are the most favorable matchup the Celtics have had all series as far as talent distribution goes. They are not a large team or an explosive team and in a lot of ways are similar to the Celtics (except the Celtics SHOULD NOT rely on jump shots for an entire game EVER). The Pistons made some sloppy turnovers but so did the Celtics, the Celtics turnovers just happened eariler than the 4th.

  12. Kenny Says:

    I thought going in that game one would be an opportunity to steal one, but the Celtics didn’t seem tired at all. Assuming they don’t get worn out I don’t think it’s a bad thing to get pushed in a series. The Celtics are coming in off of having to play at a really high level to get by cleveland. Meanwhile the Pistons didn’t really get pushed at all by Orlando. Orlando didn’t bring anywhere near the defensive intensity that boston plays with, and I don’t think we were prepared for it.

    Boston deserves credit for being really active and making some nice plays to knock the ball away, but you have to be stronger on the ball than the Pistons were.

    That said, it was game one, on the road, and we had it to 6 in the fourth quarter despite the fact that none of our starters played particularly well (with the exception of Mcdyess who was solid all game).

    If Chauncey and RIP don’t play well we don’t win this series. That’s obviously not groundbreaking stuff, but KG is going to limit Sheed offensively, ditto for pierce on tay.

  13. zachary Says:

    in my defense, i will be driving to hilton head island on that saturday. so hopefully i can catch a radio broadcast. but im not so sure the nhl is played on the radio outside of michigan.

    its rigged because they ask like 8 chicago specific questions, like what was the date of the first full cubs night game and what was the date of the disco destruction derby at comisky. among other questions.

    well win that shit oneof these weeks. although it wont be next week casue i wont be there, i like to t hink im that valuable to the team.

    stones looked awful last night, cant have kg get 29 9 and sheed get next to 0. ray allen is a non factor, mans hot and cold like freshly applied icyhot. pierce is gonna score one way or another, we can lock down rondo and pj brown or whoever else starts for the c’s. sheed is known for bombing awful shots– pj brown is guarding him, give the ball to sheed in the post. it angers me when a 6-11 guy whose being guarded by a 6-8 guy is taking 3 pointers as his number 1 option.

    please win game 2.

  14. sloan Says:

    the stones won at beantown in the first game of this year, it’s not impossible. and if the stones don’t win tomorrow it’ll be very hard for them to win the series.

    obviously we can’t have bad games from rip, chauncey, and sheed on the same night. chauncey was real bad.

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