The biggest eight point lead in the world

Five fouls on Paul and West in about a one minute span in the third quarter of game six—now they each have four. Could be the difference! Let’s go to the comments!

Now the tech on West. This is the “young team” stuff everyone was predicting all season.


6 Responses to “The biggest eight point lead in the world”

  1. sloan Says:

    new simmons podcast with jemele hill (MSU alum! detroit what!) and simmons says he regrets picking KG for MVP, saying paul was more valuable to his team. that’s what i’ve been saying.

  2. sloan Says:

    chris paul has never fouled out in his NBA career. interesting.

  3. sloan Says:

    regarding some of chair’s points from the last post:

    “1) Doc Rivers has a bad attitude when they don’t get breaks, if a bad foul is called he tends to dwell a little more than I think a head coach should (complain and move on and let the guys know they’ll get it back),”

    Completely agree. Rivers seems like the nicest guy in the world when they’re crushing someone, and a total fairweather fan when things sucks.

    “2) KG’ is so intense that I think it must feel like his heart is broken every time something bad happens and all though his intensity is a good thing, I don’t think he plays well when he’s angry (he plays much better when he’s having fun) and its easy to tell the difference. If you want to play the whole “emotional leader” card, I don’t think him getting down helps them AT ALL.”

    Makes sense.

    “3) Ray Allen depresses EVERYONE when he isn’t making shots. This is just my outside view, but at the Garden, whenever Ray takes an uncontested jump shot and it doesn’t fall down its like the crowd dies inside a little bit. I believe this is because we are seeing him deteriorate and its depressing (for fans anyway) to watch someone who has an incredible gift struggle so much (or who HAD an incredible gift that is slipping away game by game and there is nothing he can do about it).”

    In the golden age when the Ray Allen trade had happened and KG hadn’t, Celtics fans massively overestimated how good Allen was.

    ” 4) When all or some of the above are true, that is when the young guys get pissy and that’s when the shit hits the fan. The bench dies, Doc makes absurd substitutions because he isn’t happy with anyone’s level of play and no one is having fun at all (JUST LIKE LITTLE LEAGUE!).”

    Good point.

    “Right now though, I thinkt he no road wins thing is more psychological than anything else. I truly think that if they can win in Cleveland on Friday it won’t be an issue at all in future rounds (not that they will like sweep anyone, but jsut that the monkey will be off their back).”

    i don’t think it’s psychological, i think it’s just hard to beat a good team at home in the playoffs with time off between games. however, detroit is a team that will come in and steal a game anywhere and then let you come back and take a game at the palace.

  4. sloan Says:

    it’s really amazing how many times paul finds chandler for wide open dunks.

  5. sloan Says:

    nawlins is getting nothing on offense. the spurs might run away with this thing.

  6. sloan Says:

    david west appears to be crying in pain. not a good sign.

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