Wednesday night wacktion

To use some Canadian cadence, the Wings got hosed. That goal that was rejected was ridiculous. But I’m not too worried—the Wings just wanted to pump a few extra dollars in the Detroit economy by finishing off the Supernovas in the D. What selfless strategery.

The Cavs had a lot of opportunities to beat the Beaneaters at home, but Delonte West set a record for out-of-control, impossible drives to the basket. LBJ had the quietest 35 in the history of the NBA. He really needs to stop taking three pointers.

Not sure why Andy Varejao isn’t starting. He killed them at the free throw line, but he’s just much better than BWall at this point, and the Celtics seemed to shoot about 75% over the last 30 minutes of that game.

Just a hunch, but I’m predicting Utah in game five. JERRY MOTHERNAMING SLOAN.


9 Responses to “Wednesday night wacktion”

  1. Kenny Says:

    Boston looked good in the second half. I thought they got a huge boost from the home crowd, and when Rondo is hitting shots it opens things up so much for the rest of their guys.

    Ben Wallace is still a decent rebounder and defender in my opinion. The problem is he is so useless on offense. If I was Lebron I would stop passing him the ball unless he was going to dunk it. The pistons could live with his limited offensive ability when he was the best defensive big man (at least in terms of rebounding and protecting the rim) in the league, but now that’s he’s a pretty average defensive player it’s difficult to justify him being on the court.

  2. matt Says:

    I’m pretty sure sam cassell NOT PLAYING was the key.

  3. zachy Says:

    can we get kyle on this blog? i need some kyle.

  4. Chair Says:

    Sam Cassell not chucking up 8 heavily contested 15 footers definitely gave Boston an edge.

    But they took it to the paint. They took it in 30+ times last night. That’s a lot of high percentage shots, a lot of huge slam dunks and easy layups and a lot of fouls drawn.

    Granted they also started hitting jumpers (finally) in the second half.

    But they still found a way to almost give it up. A couple HORRIBLE turnovers at the end of the 4th. I almost had a heart attack. They are trying to mimic your typical Boston sports team by making as unnecessarily dramatic as possible.

    Also, Jay Z and Beyonce Z said hello.

  5. matt Says:

    i kinda want celtics to win just so we get chairs analysis for the stones matchup. but i also have regard for human life, so i wouldn’t want lebron there either.

  6. Kenny Says:

    Yea they were definitely more agressive. I wonder if it will translate into game 6 on the road. I really don’t understand this jekyll/ hyde thing at home and on the road with this team. It makes sense with a young team like Utah. But boston aside from Rondo is all veterans. Obviously when your pg is inexperienced it’s going to affect you on the road (look at Michigan State Bball), but they shouldn’t struggle this much.

    Then again maybe I should just look at my previous posts and give Cleveland credit for playing good D and leave it at that. It’s strange because the pistons don’t seem to have any issues playing on the road, or at least not any more issues than they have playing at home (like not playing with any kind of focus).

  7. zachy Says:

    road teams are 1-17 i think i read, the stoens with the lone 1.

  8. Kenny Says:

    Good point zach. Clearly its not just boston struggling on the road. But then again that’s in the second round. It doesn’t take into account the fact that beantown was 0-3 against the hawsk in atlanta.

  9. Chair Says:

    All though Boston isn’t a super young team (at least not in any prominent areas aside from PG) they sometimes have a tendency to play like little leaguers [side tangent]

    (I would say this has happend ONLY in the playoffs but I can think of two embarassing instances during the regular season in which their little league mentality came through):

    1) December 19th agianst Detroit – close game all the way, its tied with 17 seconds left and the Celtics have the ball (with a fresh shot clock/no shot clock). Paul Pierce takes an absurd shot IN COVERAGE with like 9 seconds still left on the clock. If that isn’t bad enough, the Stones get the ball back (because obviously the shot misses) and Tony Allen fouls Billups (who has ever right to have it out for Boston the way Pitino did him) and Detroit wins it at the line. Little League mistake. Things don’t go their way and they fold like a rusty lawn chair.

    2) February 22nd in Phoenix, they turn the ball over early and often (like 6 or 7 times in the first quarter) make some terrible fouls and go down like 15 early. I just remember the look on Ray Allen’s face (IN THE FIRST QUARTER!!!) that pretty much said “well…we lost this one already”. Absurd.

    I think the little league attitude has a lot to do with a few things, 1) Doc Rivers has a bad attitude when they don’t get breaks, if a bad foul is called he tends to dwell a little more than I think a head coach should (complain and move on and let the guys know they’ll get it back), 2) KG’ is so intense that I think it must feel like his heart is broken every time something bad happens and all though his intensity is a good thing, I don’t think he plays well when he’s angry (he plays much better when he’s having fun) and its easy to tell the difference. If you want to play the whole “emotional leader” card, I don’t think him getting down helps them AT ALL. 3) Ray Allen depresses EVERYONE when he isn’t making shots. This is just my outside view, but at the Garden, whenever Ray takes an uncontested jump shot and it doesn’t fall down its like the crowd dies inside a little bit. I believe this is because we are seeing him deteriorate and its depressing (for fans anyway) to watch someone who has an incredible gift struggle so much (or who HAD an incredible gift that is slipping away game by game and there is nothing he can do about it). 4) When all or some of the above are true, that is when the young guys get pissy and that’s when the shit hits the fan. The bench dies, Doc makes absurd substitutions because he isn’t happy with anyone’s level of play and no one is having fun at all (JUST LIKE LITTLE LEAGUE!).

    Right now though, I thinkt he no road wins thing is more psychological than anything else. I truly think that if they can win in Cleveland on Friday it won’t be an issue at all in future rounds (not that they will like sweep anyone, but jsut that the monkey will be off their back).

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