The Wings are too good

That was Datsyuk’s first hat trick? And it was a natural hat trick (a non-empty net hat trick.)(Is there another term for that? Have I been away from the game too long?)

At 5-2, I can now switch to Cleveland-Boston in good conscience. Thoughts in the comments.


15 Responses to “The Wings are too good”

  1. sloan Says:

    why are the celtics losing again with lebron strugglign so badly? are they so worried about lebron that they simply can’t focus on anything else?

  2. sloan Says:

    as i post, lebron hits a three. this is why i don’t talk.

  3. sloan Says:

    i REALLY don’t like boobie gibson. probably just because he torched us last year. but also because he’s not likable.

  4. sloan Says:

    it’s really damaging to a team’s morale when lebron dropped a zeus-like thunderous dunk.

    especially when it’s on KG’s head.

    best of three, going back to beantown!

  5. sloan Says:

    when paul piece misses a lay-up by five feet and sideshow bob banks home a jumper, you know which way momentum is going.

    cleveland’s d looks tough.

  6. sloan Says:

    are we all agreed that we’d rather face cleveland in the EC finals (if we get there, knock on wood)? cleveland’s proven they can beat us in the playoffs, boston hasn’t.

  7. sloan Says:

    barkley says he has anal glaucoma—he doesn’t see his ass going in to work tomorrow.

  8. Pat Says:

    this is zach: not a ntural hatrick, must be three goals in a row in same period. but seeing that makes me a feel better about a potential mathup with pittsburgh. though for some reason, malkin, crosby, hossa, gonchar sounds better than dats, zettz, lindstrom and ??? are we deep enough to over come that? i hope so. again, this is zach.

  9. sloan Says:

    does it really have to be in one period?

  10. sloan Says:

    “Mario Lemieux once accomplished what was unofficially referred to as a “Mario Lemieux hat trick” in 1993, by receiving radiation treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma the day of the game, and then scoring a goal and an assist that night against the Philadelphia Flyers. He has also recorded a “5-goal hat trick” (or the “ultimate hat trick”, or a “quintella”,or “A Texas Hat trick”, or “Lemieux Cycle”) in which he scored in five possible game situations in one game, on 31 December 1988 against the New Jersey Devils. He scored on a powerplay, short handed, even strength, penalty shot and an empty net goal. ” wow. people forget how good he was.

    we’ll still take the pens though (knock on wood.)

  11. sloan Says:

    final cleveland-boston thought: it’s a little amazing to me that this series is tied 2-2 despite not even one GREAT performance by LBJ. he was okay yesterday, but maybe at about 75% of his capacity for awesomeness. the celtics should be scared, he could go off in game five and make this hard to win.

  12. zachy Says:

    from wiki: A natural hat trick is when a player scores either a) a goal in each of the three periods, b) three goals in one period, or c) three of his team’s goals in succession in one game.

    i always thought it was all in one period, i stand corrected.

    “skating on your crew like mario lemuix” – fife dog

  13. Kenny Says:

    The Wings are playing unbelievably well. As for pat’s post listing stars, I think Kronwall is playing rediculously well. I know this is blasphemous in a way but he’s impacting games just as much as Lidstrom. He’s given them a physical presence they haven’t had since vlady got hurt, while still playing sound defense and making great outlet passes. He made the pass that sprung hudler on that breakway.

    At the start of the playoffs I was saying i thought the red wings were one top 6 forward away from being the prohibitive favorites. Well Franzen has completely emerged in the last 3 months in that roll. Even before the playoffs started he wasbeen playing rediculously well, hopefully he can return by the time the finals start (assuming we don’t eff this up). And datsyuk and Zetterberg are just dominating. I could go on and on about how well everyone is playing but i have work i have to get done right now.

  14. zachy Says:

    kronwall was supposed to be our second coming of vlad. and he looks like it. he has been really good. datsyuk and zetterberg loook like their in prim playoff mode and they couldnt be better together, just unreal.

    i really hope that if we beat the stars, we win the cup, (preferably at home too, thatll get people excited)

    im still nervous as hell of flurrey, gonchar, hossa, malkin, and syd. kenny, youre supposed to be the guy that tells me why were better. maybe youre holding that off until we reach that. and hopefully we do.

    i love datsyuk.

  15. Chair Says:

    I’m not too too worried about last night’s game for 5 reasons:

    1) They played great defense for 3 quarters. They never let Cleveland put them away and they came up with a lot of stops. Cleveland only shot at 45.5%, so it wasn’t like the Celtics gave them twenty open shots or anything. Boston should always shoot better than 38.6%.

    2) Boston got to the line 26 times, Cleveland only shot 18 free throws. Additionally, Boston’s free throw percentage was .769 while Cleveland’s was .667. If they continue to take it to the rack and play aggressively, they will improve these numbers.

    3) If you classify shot selection as 0-9 Feet being a quality shot, 10-18 feet being midrange (ok) and 19+ feet being long range (not so great), here is how the Celtics shot selection broke down in each Quarter:

    Q1: 0-9 = 9 10-18 = 6 19+ = 5

    Q2: 0-9 = 8 10-18 = 5 19+ = 4

    Q3: 0-9 = 4 10-18 = 2 19+ = 9

    Q4: 0-9 = 2 10-18 = 10 19+ = 4

    They got worse and worse as the game went on. How you justify 10 midrange shots and 2 close ones in the fourth quarter is beyond me. If you break it down by how many shots they hit from each range per quarter it becomes even more clear what they were doing wrong offensively:

    Q1: 0-9 = 3 10-18 = 3 19+ = 2

    Q2: 0-9 = 5 10-18 = 2 19+ = 0

    Q3: 0-9 = 2 10-18 = 1 19+ = 4

    Q4: 0-9 = 0 10-18 = 5 19+ = 0

    The theory that they are encouraged by their bad habits (when the jumpers actually start falling, they become chuckers ala GState) seems to be true as they relied almost exclusively on the jump shot to win the game for them in the fourth quarter. From long range, they were 6 for 22 in the game. That is a pathetic 27% (and out of the 22, 14 of them were 3’s which they shot at 21%.).

    The promising thing about these numbers is that a) they are going to shoot far better than 43% from close range most nights, a lot of layups weren’t falling and that percentage should go up to around 60-70% for Game 5. To put that in perspective, if they made 6 more easy shots than they did (and usually do), they would have been shooting 69% from close range with 12 more points and a W. However, even shooting at a crappy 43% from close range, had they taken 5 more shots from close range in the fourth, they likely would have scored 3 of them (even at a paltry percentage).

    4) They were statistically similar to Cleveland in a lot of important categories:

    a) They rebounded well (Boston had 38, Cleveland had 42/Boston had 6 offensive rebounds, Cleveland had 8) consistently throughout the game. Even though they were slightly outrebounded, it wasn’t what lost them the game.

    b) They committed 8 turnovers, Cleveland had 7 (Boston definitely stepped up here, as they killed themselves with rebounds in game 3).

    c) Each team had 17 fouls, Boston didn’t get into foul trouble at all (and none of their players did) but they also HAD Lebron in foul trouble in the Second quarter and because they drove to the basket only 6 times in the second half, he escaped easily. This is something they will correct in game 5.

    5) Leon Powe only played 6 minutes and they were uninspired. As stupid as this might sound, Leon Powe is the biggest X factor for Boston and has been for the whole playoffs. Similar to the way Anderson Varejao is an X Factor for Cleveland. If you accept that Pierce/Allen/KG are going to be more or less equally matched offensively and defensively by Lebron/Szczerbiak/Ilgauskis and you consider the Rondo/Cassell vs. Delonte/Boobie matchup and Perkins/Wallace matchup to be a wash, it all comes down to the stars on the bench. And the only bench player for the Celtics who played worth a damn last night was PJ Brown. No Leon, no Posey, nothing good. And Varejao had some huge baskets in the fourth. Considering Sideshow Bob is the only player on their bench who consistently contributes and Boston has been known for their superb bench contributions and depth, this probably won’t happen again either (at least it shouldn’t).

    Anyway, those are my reasons and I’m sticking to them. It was easily the most winnable road game the Celtics have had all playoffs (if you remove game 4 in Atlanta where they twice lost a 10 point lead….I don’t even want to look at those numbers…still.) If they just took better shots in the fourth this game easily could have gone their way.

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