Deep sports question

1. We all understand how bad the Lions franchise is. We all know how much of an idiot Kitna is. I know we lost 7 of 8 to finish the season. But we were almost 500 last year—why are we 29th in the NFL power rankings? And why are they doing power rankings already? Why is Matt Millen rich?

2. Why were the Red Wings/Tigers/Stones stacked into a six hour period Saturday night? I’d rather spread the love around. Sunday was boringly Detroit-free (though part of that was Yankee rain. At least we didn’t lose.)

3. I think I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: why doesn’t Comcast (and RCN and all cable companies) set more accurate time slots for sporting events? There must be some financial reason for this, because every basketball/football/hockey/the vast majority of baseball games ends after the time suggested. This sucks because when you want to set up a recording of the game you always have to record the next program as well, or you’ll miss the ending (which can reasonably be deemed the best part.) The worst is when there’s a historic overtime finish and your DVR cuts out because the game went so much longer than anticipated: how long until DVRs can be programmed on the fly to keep recording until they game actually finishes?


2 Responses to “Deep sports question”

  1. matt Says:

    I think the powerrankings sort of make sense. first, they want to knock kitna for making a proclamation again and again. second, there is a difference winning ten games vs. seven. you actually have to beat some quality teams to get to 10, meaning the marginal effort to win those last games is much higher-it’s hard enough beating the average teams. Also, if the lions were to win ten games that would put them in the top 10 teams in the NFL. I didn’t think grit alone could do that.
    Did you read the article that Stanton should be starting. in the freep. what do you think about that. make this another rebuilding year.

    Comcast is totally dumb. you should add at least 1.5 hrs to every game, just in case there is a random fire and 19 min. game delay. Also, when you want to record only new shows, comcast records the repeats of the new show for the entire week it is new. I can’t imagine it is difficult to program only 1 new show, but comcast has yet to figure this out.

  2. sloan Says:

    stanton shouldn’t have been starting in the big 10. we’re screwed!

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