Wings coverage!

The Wings were discussed today on PTI—unfortunately it was about the fact that the squad has been dominating to a lot of empty seats.

Here’s Mitch Albom:

Before I spend one more word on how good our hockey team played Thursday night, I have to say how bad it looked to see so many empty seats at Joe Louis Arena. Cheaper seats. Expensive seats. Empty clusters. Half-empty rows.

Hey, this ain’t Nashville, folks.

This is Detroit, Hockeytown, where every seat should be filled, because these are the conference finals, the bridge to the championship, against Dallas, a team that hasn’t been here for the playoffs in 10 years. That last time was a war that ultimately led to a Detroit Stanley Cup.

Remember the Cup? We loved that thing. We felt like we earned it — every step. So what’s the problem now? I know the economy is bad. I’m not telling people to hock the jewelry or find a job.

But we’re not talking 100,000 spots here, either. There are enough fans and money in our area to fill those absent clusters. Hey, if we can fill Lions seats, we can fill Red Wings seats.

The Pistons are having the same problem.

I know the NBA and NHL aren’t as popular as the NFL and MLB, but if we can’t sell out playoff games with top five teams, we’re in trouble. If I lived within driving distance of the D, I’d be there. I’d be there!


5 Responses to “Wings coverage!”

  1. zachary Says:

    pizza man needs to lower prices

  2. Pat Says:

    Since i just finished watching the spurs stomp the hornets, i’d like re emphasize that not a superstar do a few games make. Paul was still good tonight, but parker has been better for two games in a row. I agree with most of what you guys are saying but i still think he’s being overhyped a little at this point.

    With that off my chest, i think this series is turning into everything we expected from the spurs and suns. That series ended after game 1, this series looks like it’ll go 7 and theres just amazing basketball out on the floor.

    The jazz also took care of their homecourt in OT, i love the jazz but the lakers length gives them fits. Another awesome series.

    Would the nba be really mad if the western conference finals was jazz vs spurs? Wouldn’t lakers/hornets have much more marketability? All these teams are very even and very good.

  3. matt Says:

    lookin like a wings penguins final!

  4. sloan Says:

    I think the NBA prefers Spurs-Lakers—-defending champs, some previous bad blood. I’m sure they’re terrified of swapping the LA market for SLC.

  5. Kenny Says:

    Ha I had a feeling Pat would mention this, and it’s definitely fair criticism. But Paul is not the first great player the Spurs have made look bad. They are still the defending champs, and they did this to Lebron in the Finals last year too.

    When Tony Parker is making shots he is almost unstoppable offensively. I haven’t seen a gaurd that can stay in front of him consistently. He’s more of a scoring pg than a playmaker, in my mind but he’s still really good. It helps when you have duncan and manu taking some pressure off you too. And when your team is just raining threes.

    It will be really interesting to see how CP3 and the Hornets respond. David West hasn’t been as good the last two games either.

    Also, as long as we’re talking about young pg’s somebody’s got to mention Deron Williams going for 28 and 14 yesterday. I wonder if Phil responds by putting kobe on him?? The Jazz are a completely different team at home vs on the road.

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