Sorry for the delay, internet connections issues

There’s a thin line between good defense and terrible offense, and I think we’re going to see that boundary mutilated during this Celtics-Cavs series.

That was the worst playoff game I can remember Lebron playing, and I’ve seen all of them. The fact that he could play that badly and the Cavs still almost won at Boston is amazing. But almost doesn’t mean anything. If the Cavs lose this series, this game will probably be the deciding point.

Also, I dislike everything about Cavs coach Mike Brown. When Doc Rivers is coaching circles around you, your team is in trouble.


One Response to “Sorry for the delay, internet connections issues”

  1. sloan Says:

    also, sam cassell was HUGE last night. everyone knew that was a big pickup, but i’ve been surprised at his ability to not play for loooong stretches of the game and then come in microwave-style. impressive.

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