Sellers resigns from St. Francis

Josh Sellers has left his position as football coach at Traverse City St. Francis (thanks to Matt for the link.) I don’t think he’d leave unless he had another job in place, and the Rec-Eagle makes it sound like he’s getting the position at Kingsley. If I recall, Coach Sellers lived in Kingsley and commuted to Traverse, so this would make a lot of sense.

It’s too bad for Saint Francis. Mr. Sellers was wonderful to me when I was a student there, and I can’t remember anyone having negative feelings about him. He rejuvenated athletics at the school.

I think the brothers Heintz should apply for the job.


5 Responses to “Sellers resigns from St. Francis”

  1. Pat Says:

    Yeah he’s going to kingsley for more dough.

    Earliest rumblings are forlenza on the inside track as the guy from the current staff who would take over.

  2. sloan Says:

    who was he again? didn’t he coach at one of the public schools?

  3. sloan Says:

    is sellers going to teach at kingsley too? i don’t know how people survive on gtacs’ salaries.

  4. broseph Says:

    oh man, with josh sellers out of the lineup there really aren’t any old standbys left at the school. is donahey still there? by the way, i use to crush it in quizball or whatever it was called. nothing but dingers.

  5. msinformed Says:

    Sellers asked Kingsley for an extension last week on Monday because his wife had applied for a job out of state and was waiting for her final offer. This last week he accepted and then on Friday he told Kingsley that he had to pull out at the last minute. Those RE boys worked their butts off to get the story right only to have the game change plays at the last minute. Sometimes a guy just has to do what is best for family.

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