Nascar blogging will follow soon

Maybe the biggest question in sports right now is: just how good are the Hornets?

I severely underestimated their bench, and their ability to get contributions from guys not named Paul and West. Peja isn’t exactly Mr. Clutch, Tyson Chandler was never a playoff force. But it turns out this is a very good TEAM.

It’s often said that in the NBA, regardless of how good your team is, having the best player in the series goes very far. Well, I honestly don’t think Chris Paul gives up a whole lot to Kobe and Lebron. Plus, guys like Pargo and Julian Wright and Mo P. (who’s been underrated ever since leavng MSU) are playing great basketball. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I honestly think they could win the whole thing. Not to mention, this might be their best shot for a while, because Kobe’s Lakers are going to get much better next season when Bynum is healthy and becoming more Jabbar-like.

If the Stones can’t win this year, I’d love to see Nawlins do it.

Changing gears, and I probably shouldn’t say this before our semifinals matchup even begins, but I really want to see a Wings-Pens Stanley Cup Finals. Zach is too scared of Crosby and company, but I think that’d be about the sexiest possible scenario for the NHL. And the NHL needs it. Let’s make this happen!


4 Responses to “Nascar blogging will follow soon”

  1. Kenny Says:

    Yea Chris Paul is unbelievable. Steve Nash in his MVP years was playing at a level offensively that I thought was unbelievable, but paul is playing at an even higher level. He gets them buckets in transition, he gets buckets in the halfcourt, he is shutting down tony parker on defense.

    I completely agree that in the last 4 months he has catapulted himself to the best young up and coming pg in the league to legitimately one of the top 3 or 4 players in the league. I mean you have Kobe, Lebron, maybe duncant because of his track record, KG, but CP3 is right there with them. What was amazing is I didn’t think he played his best ball in game 1 and his team still won easily.

    He has that knack for understanding when he has players who are hot (like West in Game 1) when he can set him up or when he needs to score himself (30 in game 2), of course even while focusing on his own offense he dished out 12 dimes.

    Sorry for the glowing praise, but really I don’t know if enough can be said about him at this point.

    Also, I completely agree on facing the Penguins. I would love to see that match up and it would be great for the NHL . I would be concerned, obviously they are playing really well and assuming we get there they would be tough to beat, but so would philly, who is getting really good goaltending and plays really really well defensively. At this point every opponent and series is likely going to be tough, especially in today’s NHL.

    But it will be interesting to see if Pittsburgh can get all these young guys, Crosby, Malkin, Fleury, Whitney, etc to agree to reasonable deals so they can all stay together.

  2. zachary Says:

    fluerry is standing on his head, dont want to face him in the finals.

    i want a CUP. give me a cup!!

    last time we played philly, dominated the legion of doom.

  3. Pat Says:

    Nash’s MVP’s were a shame to the award. He played and still plays very poor defense, Paul is much better all around PG.

    Now, before we all label new orleans the champs and chris paul the next coming of magic, can we get some perspective and realize its only 2 games into the second round of the playoffs…don’t count out the champs just yet and remember that paul needs to at least win more than a couple playoff series before we call him one of the top 3 players int he league.

    If series were judged by the first two games we would have been in the nba finals last year instead of lebron, don’t call a series over until the home team loses.

    Chris Paul is very very good, but he’s not yet great.

    Last thing, people keep saying he’s the best point guard since magic, did his disaster with the knicks make peopel forget how fucking awesome isiah thomas was? jesus that makes me angry.

  4. sloan Says:

    He wasn’t won anything yet, but Paul’s regular season this year was as good as any of Isiah’s best seasons. He gets more steals, as many assists, shoots better from the field/line/three, turns it over less. Obviously there’s a lot of intangibles that Isiah brought, and two titles, but Paul is way ahead of where Thomas was at the same age. They also both have two first names.

    And it’s unfair to compare anyone to Magic, who was a freak of nature.

    I think it’ll be really hard for the Spurs to win four of five from the Hornets, but if anyone can do it it’s them.

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