Happy birthday to Jessica Alba

Why aren’t the Pistons being shown on real TV?

Also, what about a Dirk for Sheed trade? The salaries don’t quite work straight up, but what do you think in principle? It’d have to be sweetened for Dallas, but it’d give them more defense and a guy who can match up with Shaq/Dunc/Amare. And it’d finally give us an elite scorer.

Or check out the following—Denver, Dallas and Detroit need to mix things up. I think we can all agree on this. Allow me to trade Sheed, Chaunce, and McNugget:

We get back Dirk and Camby. Denver gets Chauncey, Sheed, and Jason Terry. Dallas gets Carmelo, McNuggs, and Nene.

Could Dallas win the West with Kidd, Stack, Josh Howard, Carmelo, McNuggs, Dampier, Nene? Probably not. But Melo replaces Dirk’s scoring, and they get a lot more depth inside. They’re screwed already. They need to do something.

Meanwhile, the Stones get weakened at point guard (platoon Hunter and AA/Stuckey out there) but have Rip, Tay, Dirk, Camby, and a bench that can give Camby a ton of rest.

Denver gets much better, finally surrounding Iverson with a legit PG (with Denver ties, Chauncey), Terry (who can still score a lot of points), and Sheed. That’s a four or five seed in my mind.


4 Responses to “Happy birthday to Jessica Alba”

  1. Kenny Says:

    I think we’d have to make another deal for a pg. I mean when having a player ready for the playoffs means you sit him for the first 70 games of the year I think it’s time to let him retire. I don’t see Lindsey playing regular minutes again for an nba team (maybe he could still, and they just wanted to develop the young guys but Flip hasn’t gone to him much in the playoffs either). I don’t think Stuckey is a starter at the 1. At least not yet.

    So they would have to address the pg spot either with their midlevel or via trade (probably not going to get a starter picking at the end of the first round). I would love our frontcourt though under that scenario. Camby playing help side would help protect Dirk on D. Although Camby’s not a great on ball defender either. But that’s a team with a TON of size and versatility. Could we trade maxiell to Memphis for Kyle Lowery? I liked the way he was playing last year but they all of a sudden have a plethora of young pgs.

    Sheed has a lot of value coming up because he’ll be in the last year of his contract. Could make for an exciting summer. I forgot how much fun the NBA offseason could be.

  2. zachary Says:

    would any team take nene?

  3. Pat Says:


  4. Pat Says:

    not to the nene comment, to the entire trade idea.

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