At least the Lions aren’t burdened by expectations

The Sixers were good for a half, the Stones were good for a half. Thankfully our good is better than their good.

Pat is convinced that Chauncey is really the root of our problems. He thinks the team might do better by playing Hunter over Billups, because it’d indicate to him that effort is important. I’ve been slamming Billups’ playoff performances for the last two years—he just doesn’t have a second gear anymore, and he can be the worst player on the floor for stretches.

When Sheed is hitting threes, all is right with the world.

I think this orgy of NBA basketball is finally breaking down my girlfriend’s hatred of the game. She was really impressed by Josh Smith yesterday during the Celtics-Hawks game. Also, she says Dirk Nowinski looks like Bambi when shooting free throws.

Is the Tigers’ offense more inconsistent than other teams, or it just me?


12 Responses to “At least the Lions aren’t burdened by expectations”

  1. sloan Says:

    the fact that the stones were able to turn it on in the second half and dominate might come back and bite us in the ass if it further instills in the stones the idea that they can do that whenever they want. THEY CAN’T.

  2. zachary Says:

    incredibly inconsistent.

    im so glad deadliest catch is on. now thats a sporting event!

  3. sloan Says:

    i’m excited about the kevin smith, i really liked mallrats. he definitely seems like a good pickup, but if he’s such a sure thing, why did he last so far in the draft? from…..

    “Kevin Smith will be a star for the Lions, who traded up to get the running back with the first pick of the third round Sunday. Essentially, the Lions spent all of Saturday night and early Sunday trying to figure out a way to get the player they considered the best on the board after the first two rounds. This was time well spent.

    The Central Florida product is a strong runner who will be a difference-maker in the NFL. Detroit desperately needs a strong running back, and Smith has a chance to be a consistent 1,000-yard rusher. This was a significant pickup by Detroit.”

  4. zachary Says:

    yea, that made me feel good. though im now sure why we didnt draft otah out of pittsburgh over the dude from BC. maybe bc guy really impressed marinelli.

  5. Pat Says:

    Yeah, the thing is that i really like chauncey, i mean he was our finals mvp when we won the title. I think maybe he’s just the most frustrating player on our team because he is so inconsistent these days. He really played a lot better in the third quarter though.

    Hopefully the stones can take care of the next 2 games and move on to what looks like it will be a real war with orlando.

    I like the kevin smith pickup as well, but i don’t understand how he gets so much praise when a ton of rb’s were taken above him and they weren’t praised in the same way.

    I like that the lions really tried to fill some needs with this draft and i think while no picks were as flashy in the past, each of these guys will help to change the culture of the team to a more marinelli style. Every guy’s bio on espn says that he has a “great motor”. i think this is the ultimate key for marinelli, he loves guys who really want to work and play hard. After complaining about the pistons lack of passion you have to like the lions picking up guys that are known as real high intensity gusy who love to play.

  6. Pat Says:

    Also, i didn’t mention that i think you hit the nail on the head jerry. In the playoffs of the past, Billups was able to really turn it up a notch and become a dominant player. He simply doesn’t do that anymore for whatever reason. I think a part of it might be his ability declining due to a loss of quickness or whatever but i also think a lot of it might be his confidence. He used to have a gilbert arenas like ability to hit big shots in big moments, whether that was actually at the end of the game or just at any key point in the game. I can’t remember the last time he was the guy who made that shot for us.

  7. matt Says:

    just to distract from the lions…..

    how do i watch some of the full games? buy a sports illustrated subscription.

  8. Kenny Says:

    I agree that Chauncey’s “Mr. Big Shot” reputation is a little outdated, he has been pretty much the opposite in the last two years. In fairness, this is a bad match up for him in this series. Andre Miller was as good as any pg not named deron williams or chris paul the last half of the season. He’s a good defender, and Chauncey doesn’t have the same size/strength advantage that he usually does.

    But he hasn’t shot the ball well, and if he’s not banging home 3’s that’s a problem because even in his “prime” he wasn’t known as drive and dish type pg. His value was in that he stretched the defense, didn’t turn the ball over, played good defense and hit a lot of big shots.

    But I don’t think he deserves any more blame than the rest of the starters. Sheed is still wildly inconsistent. RIP has been struggling with his shot. Tayshaun looked awesome yesterday but still goes through stretches where he’s a complete nonfactor offensively.

    Did anybody else catch what Cwebb said at halftime last night? Basically his quote was “I mean no disrespect toward Flip Saunders, but it doesn’t really matter what he says to those guys.” Basically he was saying that Chauncey, Dyss, RIP would be the ones talking to the team and then said Joe D might come down and get on guys if he felt it was necessary. I don’t think this is a good thing to be hearing from a guy that is only a year removed from being in the locker room. But at the same time is it that surprising? It’s never really looked like Flip has had the complete attention of these guys.

  9. sloan Says:

    yeah, it’s not a good sign when joe d. appears to be much more respected in the locker room than flip. if joe fired flip and made himself coach in an hour, is there a single person outside of the saunders family who would object?

    in college, a lou holtz pep talk might be enough to change the course of a game or season. but when you’re a 30+ year old vet making eight figures, coaching becomes almost irrelevant. watching the pistons has made the reigns of duncan, jordan, kobe seem even more amazing to me, because they were able to keep up that championship level intensity for so long.

    haha, after typing that i realized that all three guys were coached by phil jackson and pop, who seem to be incredible coaches. so maybe what i’m saying is that coaching at that dynastic level isn’t really coaching in the traditional sense, the larry brown sense, the x’s and o’s sense, but more of an ego management/bullshit management thing.

  10. zachary Says:

    i dont get it. so flip has no real motivating/disciplinary value to the team? hes just a dude wearing nice suits on the sideline?

    i think chance, dice and rip should be the ones getting on people, theyre old as sin and have been here a billion times before. this better end in 6.

  11. matt Says:

    flip seems like the guy who had sex with the sideline reporter the night before and can’t remember her name when he’s being interviewed by her during the game. he also looks like he needs to be burped about every half hour.

    I think chauncey has some serious problems, two years in a row now where him being a non-factor is hurting the team bigtime.

    have you listened to the coaches being mic-ed. they say stuff like, play agressive! this game is yours to take!

    That’s the type of stuff you tune out after middle school. or at least it means more coming from someone playing in the game. a coach should probably tell players what sort of technical improvements the players need to work on in the game. like, ginobli only goes to his left. idiots.

  12. Kenny Says:

    I agree I don’t know how much of a factor a coach can have in terms of rah rah speeches for NBA players. That said it’s not good if players are tuning out the coach because the coach does have an important role. Flip said earlier this year that sometimes the pistons fall apare offensively because guys are trying too hard. That chauncey, rip, sheed, all think they can take over games on their own instead of running their sets and executing. The pistons can’t play that way because they don’t have dominant one on one players, except sheed from time to time. So that’s where the coach needs to be able to take control and get everybody on the same page. For a veteran team, they look completely out of sorts sometimes.

    I honestly didn’t think they lacked effort that much in Game 3, frankly I think they got rattled by Philly’s pressure and the crowd was a factor. Like I said philly is a tough matchup for detroit, because they play good defense. Everybody talks about how Lebron took over that series last year and offensively he did, but just as big a factor was what the cavs did to our offense. We struggle with teams that really man up and defend us. That said I think we win this series, and I think we beat Orlando.

    I think the Celtics beat us, but at the same time I think we match up well with them. And motivation/ effort should not be an issue. At least you wouldn’t think…

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