Two quick things

It’s pre-seven, I’m really tired and in need of coffee.

—I missed a call from Zach last night somehow and just heard the voicemail. He rang at ten to talk about how he’s finally won over on the Shaq trade. I have a feeling if the call came at midnight it might have sounded different. Can the Suns come back? I don’t think they have the defense to go four of five.

—Leyland is switching Cabrera and Guillen’s defensive responsibilities. Have a first basemen and a third basemen ever flip-flopped positions midyear before? This seems crazy to me.


11 Responses to “Two quick things”

  1. sloan Says:

    I just realized that Matt was watching the Suns-Spurs game end at like 10 pm and now still has a few hours of sleep left. I hate Matt. I hate the west coast. Let’s all move to San Diego and buy a house.

  2. sloan Says:

    big win for verlander and tigers last night. when ramon santiago gets a tater, you know the offense is going!

  3. sloan Says:

    also, despite the pain they cause me, i’m not happy that i can’t watch the stones tonight.

  4. Kenny Says:

    not sure if zach was partaking in celebrations with dan and garlington but if he was the call definitely would have been different.

    I woke up at 3 this morning to here dan talking to bender, and then saying “Andrea! Andrea where did you go?” and then turning the tv on and having the volume be about 3 times louder than it normaly is. So I go up got a glass of water, turned the volume down, found dan standing in the kitchen and asked him who andrea was. He looked at me like i had just asked him a question in chinese and didn’t respond. He was sleeping on the couch when i left at 7 this morning so I guess I’ll have to wait till this evening to figure out who andrea is.

  5. zachary Says:

    the suns lost? shaq looked good when i was watching

  6. sloan Says:

    the suns got absolutely rocked in the third quarter. they came back in the fourth, but couldn’t go all the way.

    shaq definitely looked good in the first half, but he just doesn’t have enough juice to play 48. or even 35.

    also, dan has more fun on tuesday nights then i have on fridays.

  7. zachary Says:

    havnt dan and kenny and bryan and you been saying to switch cabrera the hutt and guillen since game one? normally, the least athletic guy on the team isnt playing third base.

  8. sloan Says:

    i haven’t been saying that. i’ve heard people say that cabrera would end up in the outfield, but not much about first base. a lot of his value comes from being a third baseman—it’s much easier to find a first basemen or a left or right fielder who can put up big numbers.

    also, i’m not confident is guillen’s ability to play third. is he any more mobile than cabrera? his arm isn’t exactly a wonder of nature either.

  9. Pat Says:

    It seems like Inge is going to end up playing third a ton once again…

  10. sloan Says:

    i’d like to have him around, but there’s been a lot of rumblings about ingey getting dealt.

  11. zachary Says:

    ingey looked good tonight at third. i love inge.

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