Wait, did I never pick a MVP?

It’s obviously Chris Paul.

I’ve grown to appreciate Kobe’s talent over the years, in ways that I really couldn’t when he was with Shaq. (I typed Zach the first time I attempted Shaq. The two look alike, I’ve mixed them up for years.) Kobe’s really an incredible player, and I accept that he’s the single best player in the league. But not the MVP.

Simmons made the most valuable (versus “most outstanding”) argument against Kobe, saying that KG resurrected the fallen franchise, changed the culture of the team, made the world safe for the poor Boston fans, et cetera. All of that is fine and true, but it’s not as if Nawlins was a perfect scenario for basketball genius to flourish.

I view the most valuable piece more simply: if we flip-flopped one player for the other, whose team is better?

Put Chris Paul on the Celtics and that team is still the favorite to win the East. But KG on the Hornets and that team barely makes the playoffs in the West. Put Chris Paul with Pau and the Lakers are still everyone’s pick to win the conference. Put Kobe on the Hornets and that team is a seventh seed.

Do non-NBA addicts have any idea how good Chris Paul is? Do general readers of the sports section even know who he is?

To be honest, despite having attained the coveted status of being my favorite player to watch in the league, I didn’t realize how good he was until watching him completely torch the Mavs. I know the Mavs are on a terrible slide since collapsing against the Heat in 2006, but he has made a veteran playoff contender look ridiculous two games in a row.

Kobe’s going to win his lifetime achievement MVP, despite sulking whenever adversity hits until excellence is foisted upon him by external forces (Bynum’s rapid maturation, the Gasol thievery.) But Chris Paul deserves every accolade for doing incredible things with a squad a fraction as talented as the Celtics or Lakers.


3 Responses to “Wait, did I never pick a MVP?”

  1. sloan Says:

    the spurs are really really good.

  2. Pat Says:

    While i really love and adore chris paul’s game, i think some of your comments simply aren’t true.

    Switch lebron and chris paul and the hornets are still really good and the cavs don’t win a first round playoff series.

    Switch CP3 and kobe and i think the lakers are like the 6 seed.

    Switch CP3 and tim duncan and the hornets are the favorite to win it all.

    Switch CP3 and KG and no, boston is not as good as they were this season. (mostly because the talent on the team fits around a PF better htan a pg….rondo is pretty fucking good, maybe one of the top 3 defensive pg’s in the league.)

    Anyways, i love chris paul, and he’ll probably win the mvp, but i dont’ think he’s the most valuable player to his team.

    Lets think about it, compare the talent around lebron with the talent around chris. There is NO player on cleveland as good as david west, Zydruanas is the closest and its not overly close.

    So next, u have verajo and ben wallace who together don’t compare to tyson chandler.

    wally vs peja (+mo pete)…please.

    delonte west and damon jones shouldn’t be compared to anyone, stuckey might be better.

    Anyways, obviously the cavs in the west would be bad, but i still think lebron is more important to his team than chris is to his.

    CP3 is awesome, but he’s not my mvp. I’d pick kobe, followed closely by lebron with chris as the third and KG as a close 4th.

  3. sloan Says:

    on bron, you and I completely agree, he has talent inferior to CP3, no doubt. but he’s not even getting discussed too much in the MVP breakdowns i’ve seen. it seems to only be cp3 v. kobe.

    I said Kobe on the Hornets is a 7th seed, you said… 6th seed. that’s not a huge disagreement considering we’re working in hypotheticals.

    And you’re right, this form of argument breaks down in certain ways, because the celtics definitely need a PF more than a PG, as would the spurs.

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