Kirilenko to Korver for the dagger

The whitest dynamic duo in modern NBA history?

It doesn’t look good for the Rockets (it never really did), who played tough but couldn’t capitalize on their chances. Now they have to go into the toughest building in the league down 0-2. Here comes another long off-season for T-Mac, who seems to me like a legitimately good dude. I don’t know what that team needs to get to the next level—an elite point guard? Skip to my Lou was very solid this season, and his absence hurt over these last games. And Scola is a baller (San Antonio couldn’t use him a little against the Suns?)

Can the Jazz win the whole thing? A quick sweep would certainly help their chances in the west.

Boozer and DWill form a great one-two punch. Kirilenko and Okur are unique and talented but mercurial, not exactly guys I’d love to be relying on in the clutch. Korver can shoot with anyone, Harpring seems to be exactly the same solid role player he’s been for his last 40 years in the league. Millsap, Brewer and Price are good pieces, but young but untested (though Price nailed a ginorm three at the end of the third quarter that turned a two point deficit into a one point Jazz lead.)

That doesn’t seem like enough to win the whole thing, does it? But this team is young and fresh, and really good at home. This core should be good for a long time (though they’re going to have the misfortune of battling Kobe, Pau, and Bynum until Kobe retires from the league to try pro tennis.)

Regarding Wizz-Cavs game two, I think Lebron’s 30, 12 dimes, 9 boards says enough.


13 Responses to “Kirilenko to Korver for the dagger”

  1. Pat Says:

    Finally giving my jazz some love, i like it.

    Look at u already loving the nba playoffs only one night after the pistons make u want to tear your heart out.

    Lebron is awesome, just as i said.

    I’m buzzing away, get a call from reesey D, he has a 50 dollar bet on how to spell the word surprise….he thinks its spelled suprise….which i agreed with? I mean i was at the bar drinking beers but still nice brain i have, i really thought it didn’t have the first r just like i’m sure reese did since he bet 50 dollars on it. Nice brains we have. Should reese ever bet with ducci? obviously ducci is far better at betting than reesey deecey since ducci is the richest and reese is…well…not as rich from betting.

    The jazz own, i hope they win it all if the pistons don’t. Don’t know why i love them so much other than the fact that Sloan deserves a championship and DWill was my PG on my fantasy team. The rockets didn’t really have a chance to win a playoff series when Yao Ming’s Garden and Skip to my louis paladino got hurt. They are a good team with a lot of potential if they can just keep tmac and yao healty and get the core working. I’ve always been high on them but mostly because yao is so dominant.

    Tmac still never won a playoff series? Remember when he considered it a done deal that the magic were going to the beat the pistons and then tayshuan shut him down and hit big 3’s down the stretch and the stones moved on. God I loved those days and it makes me not feel sorry for tmac losing…even though he deserves to win at least a series.

    This post is not short, i apologize to anyone who’s still reading this.

    To end i’d like to pose a question. First of all, how old is lebron james?

    After answering that question, will people argue that lebron james is the best player in nba HISTORY when his career is over? I ask because i don’t really know, he’s really fucking awesome and still so young…longevity could be an obvious issue but theres no reason to think he won’t win at least a few championships.

  2. sloan Says:

    that was your greatest post ever.

    lebron is 23. 23! 23! what’s going to happen once he learns to shoot? he might average 40-10-10.

  3. sloan Says:

    ALSO, not to pat myself on the back, but when i started watching lebron’s high school games (my freshman year at college, i actually videotaped a few of them) i used to always tell the guys that lived on the floor in my dorm that, barring major injury, lebron would go down as the best player ever.

    that size and strength and speed and court vision… it’s really unbelievable. unless he breaks in half or stops caring about basketball, i don’t see how he doesn’t surpass MJ.

    one thing, and maybe this is every generation’s tendency to think what’s new is the best, is that league seems to have so much depth right now. there are a lot of superstars in the league right now. wade, howard, paul, these guys aren’t going anywhere. i think it’ll be really hard to win six titles in this NBA.

  4. zachary Says:

    lebron will never be as good as MJ, ever. nor will he be as good as a guy i like to call the stilt. and his house will never be as baller as wilts either, jerry please link to that beauty.

    30.1 ppg 22.9 rpg for career.

    i feel kinda bad for tmac,

  5. Kenny Says:

    It’s entirely possible Lebron will be able to surpass Jordan at some point. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that stats are irrelevant, they give a general sense of what kind of player a person was, but it’s not fair to compare Jordan’s ppg average to Lebron’s. I mean the game was a lot more wide open in the 80s and early 90s when Jordan was scoring all of his points. The 1989-90 Pistons were considered one of the most hard nosed and best defensive teams in the league and they gave up 98 points a game, which would not be considered good defensively in today’s games. Points were easier to come by in those days.

    And as Jerry pointed out, Lebron is 23. I guarantee there were people just like zach in 1987 saying Jordan will never be considered a greater player than Magic or Bird, he’s never won anything, he’s a ball hog, etc.

    It’s impossible to project. I will say i’ve seen Lebron do things on a basketball court that Jordan could never do. He’s got a lot of work to do to be in that company but that doesn’t mean he won’t get there at some point.

  6. Kenny Says:

    Also, Lebron would clearly be better if he was a consistent 3 point shooter, but the element to his game that I think would make him completely unstoppable is if he developed a low post game. The man is built like a power forward and there is not a powerforward in the league that could stay with him one on one. Plus that would give him a really high percentage shot to go to late.

    I mean a guy like tayshaun can have limited success slowing lebron down because he can try and play off of him and then use his length to get into his shot, but if Lebron could just take tay down into the post we’d be completely screwed (if it’s possible for Lebron to screw us more than he already did last year).

    The thing about 3’s is, even the people who shoot them the best in the league are only coming in at 40-45 percent.

  7. Pat Says:

    Yeah but kenny, shooting 3’s at 40% gets u more pts than shooting 2’s at 50%. I mean the best fg% guys in the league are usually at like 55% right?

    quick math, say you take ten 2pt shots at 50%, you get 10pts, vs 10 3’s at 40% you get 12pts.

    My math owns your arguments soul.

    haha not sure why i did that but i actually agree, those are the two areas of his offensive game where he could become better and even more dominant.

  8. matt Says:

    I think kenny has a good point. establishing lebron in the low post would be unstoppable, he doesn’t even need any more moves, just give him the ball there. yet, he’s shown he can slice through three defenders and dunk hard, so maybe he would learn it, since it would be comparatively boring. I hope he doesn’t end up taking tay-tay down there.

    anyway, when does Pat start drinking, and how can I get that job. oh, maybe that was last night.

    I was also scared seeing all those white people on the court for the jazz, korver, kirilenko, okur, maybe darron and boozer. who else?

  9. zachary Says:

    kennys child died with this statement “I will say i’ve seen Lebron do things on a basketball court that Jordan could never do. ”

    kenny is now a different person for the rest of his life for that statement. i have never seen lebron do something on the courth that jordan coudlnt do. infact ive never seen anything on the the court that jordan coudlnt.

    wow i really cant get over that, that might be the most absurd thing ive ever read and i write absurd things on jerrys blogs everyday.

    something that people never mention but ive been saying since day 1 is that lebron has absolutely no grace. the man is a sack of bricks charging at full steam. on the other hand, jordan had 100% grace.

    still c ant believe kenny said that.

  10. zachary Says:

    that should read kennys inner child*

  11. sloan Says:

    haha, i thought you were killing off kenny’s future children.

    it’s so hard to compare, because they are very different players. but MJ at his physical peak was probably 6’6″ 210, and lebron is like 6″9 265. so, zach, you don’t think it’s fair to say that lebron can physically do things that jordan couldn’t? jordan couldn’t do what dwight howard does, or what yao ming does, though those guys are obviously majorly flawed in ways that jordan wasn’t.

    obviously lebron hasn’t done much yet, but it’s hard not to get intoxicated by his potential.

  12. matt Says:

    lebron is a freak. that first washington game was a fine example. I think lebron lacks the jordan skills, and to me, that makes him not the ball player jordan was. lebron could be like a super Calvin Johnson, but he chose basketball instead. what I mean to say, is Lebron is a 23 y-o man among boys. I’m glad that in the playoffs he can show that he has the skills to win games, and single-handedly undress the championship pistons, but i think it’s how he does it that is important to look at. btw, CP3 just finished the game with 17 assists. does he usually do that?

  13. Kenny Says:

    i figured zach would be pissed about that statement. I didn’t do a good job qualifying it. Jerry explained what i wast trying to say. That lebron’s combination of size, quickness, leaping ability, athleticism, etc. are completely unique. There has never been a player like him. Obviously Jordan did things that Lebron has yet to do and maybe will never be able to, but Lebron has the ability to be simply overpowering in a way that Jordan, or anybody else, has never been. At least in my opinion.

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