Ultra-quick NBA thoughts

I’m overwhelmed by sports viewing. I’m trying to watch Wings-Preds and Lake Show-Nuggs while typing these thoughts. I promise general incoherence, sacrificing both quality and quantity.

Orlando-Toronto: Despite my obsession with these playoffs, I cannot get too excited about this series, or really any series involving the Raps. Their crowd is always nuts though, so the games at Toronto should be more exciting. Imagine if they got some value from their number one selection in the 2006 draft (LaMarcus Aldridge, or Brandon Roy perhaps? How did Portland get the only two all-stars from that entire draft?) Whoever wins this series will get swept by the Celtics.

NHL sidenote: The announcers in this Wings game might both lose their voices by first intermission.

Dallas-New Orleans: How about this for a playoff debut—dominate the other team’s hall of fame point guard, be the best player on the floor, single-handedly decimate a semi-contender in the second half, lead your team to an easy victory, drop 35 on 15-23 shooting with ten dimes and four steals? Good god. I watched this game back-to-back with the Cavs game, and I’m not sure whether CP3 or Lebron is the most dominant player in the league. Wow, what a game.

Cleveland-Washington: Lebron’s team isn’t very good (though big Z showed how effective a healthy big Z is), but he’s really really good. Washington should have stolen the first game at Cleveland, but they didn’t. I don’t care that he’s an indestructible force unlike anything I’ve ever seen—you can’t let Lebron go something like 12-15 down the stretch. You can’t. I’m officially sick of the Wizz and Gil in particular until they do something.

Utah-Houston: I’m officially cheering for the Rockets (along with the Stones and Hornets), but it didn’t help. They just don’t have enough to beat Utah right now, especially when AK47 is playing inspired ball. Also, this is based solely on very brief interviews, but Yao seems like a really nice, really cool giant human being. I’d like to hang out with Yao Ming. Maybe after the sweep we can get together—call me Yao.

San Antonio-Phoenix: Instant classic. What a game. Say what you will about Tim Duncan, but he might be the greatest winner we have in American sports right now. And Manu seems to be getting better every game. Instant classic. What a game.

My biggest complaint so far: it’s too bad we have to be watching this series now. Aside from the most probable conference final matchups (Boston-Detroit, LA-Suns/Spurs), this matchup is better than anything we have coming up next round. It feels slightly wasteful, right?


3 Responses to “Ultra-quick NBA thoughts”

  1. Pat Says:

    whoa, am i confused and the raps/magic winner will be facing boston in the second round? i thought the pistons were on pace to play that winner and boston would get the winner of the cleveland/wiz series? I don’t want to play lebron in round 2. am i wrong or are u wrong?

  2. sloan Says:

    you’re right. thank god. sorry, i was really distracted when writing that.

  3. sloan Says:

    really happy we don’t face bronbron second round.

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