I hate the NBA playoffs

For I am a Pistons fan.

Allow me to quote myself:

Let’s start with the home team: I hate the Sixers matchup for the Stones. Hate it. The Sixers are everything the Stones aren’t: young, hungry, playing the best ball of their lives. I’m hardly the first person to say it, but Detroit has been overwhelmingly overconfident in every playoff series since winning the title. It’s really frustrating, and I don’t think there’s any solution for it. Maybe a great coach, a Jeff Van Gundy type would help? I don’t know. I don’t think Flip takes us past Boston. But talent and experience alone should win this one. Stones in five (could very easily be six or seven.)

Calmer heads will probably prevail at some point, but right now I’d be willing to tear apart the entire Pistons team if we could get good, young bodies for our entire starting five.

It’s one thing to not be talented, to not have the personnel to compete on the highest levels. But to have the most talent and the deepest bench and the most experience and home court, and to just refuse to play an entire game, it’s so frustrating. Honestly, this is about a harsh a statement as a Detroit fan can make, but sometimes I really enjoy watching the Lions more than I enjoy watching the Pistons.

Maybe part of the problem is coaching. I have no idea. But our guys are old enough to take care of business on their own.

I honestly don’t mind watching sucky players suck. I followed the Tigers in 2003. I don’t blame the current Tigers’ bullpen for their inadequacies. But watching arrogant onetime champions lose games they should never lose is so frustrating as a fan.

If we get to the EC finals, the Celtics are going to rip us apart. Because they don’t take quarters off.

How does a team maintain a superiority complex after getting embarrassed in the playoffs so many years in a row?


4 Responses to “I hate the NBA playoffs”

  1. Pat Says:

    Really the frustrating thing was how awful they played and if sheed can make a layup or tayshuan could hit a routine wide open jumper we probably win the game…there seemed to be no sense of urgency or desire and they obviously just expect to win, but i’m not overly worried. One game is just one game and since this was the first game its easy to overreact. They will still beat philly in this series and win the next series and probably lose to boston in the ECF but this game doesn’t change a whole lot.

    I think having been through so many of these playoff series they really don’t care as much about the first game of the playoffs like a lot of other teams do. Its frustrating but not the end of the world.

  2. Pat Says:

    And no jerry, you wouldn’t rather have the pistons be like the lions. don’t say things like that.

  3. sloan Says:

    i know it’s just one game, but it’s just so indicative of what we’ve been doing every year since we won.

    i’m not sure why i get hopeful that one of these days we’ll finally be hungry again.

    we should definitely still win this series, but it just makes it so much more difficult when we give away the first game at home.

  4. Kenny Says:

    It really is frustrating, especially because of the way they wonthe title in 2004. Those season’s were epitomized by that 5 game stretch when the pistons didn’t let their opponents crack 70. Think about how rediculous that is. Those pistons teams didn’t take one possession off, let alone one quarter. A lot of people complained about how boring it was, but frankly I can remember being awed by the type of D they played. They forced shot clock violatiosn with regularity, almost never gave up good looks. I’ve never seen defense played like that. I can remember being pissed when Darko gave up an offensive board with the stones up 20 to let NJ crack 70 and break the streak. And really, the pistons still have the ability to play like that. Philly only had one field goal in the last 3 minutes of that game, we just got sloppy with the ball and couldn’t make free throws.

    I agree we should still win this series, but that is also what I said last year after cleveland won games 3 and 4 to tie it. And to be honest if they make the conference finals it will be a lot easier for the pistons to focus, because if they don’t play well boston will blow them out.

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