Versus ruins another life

Life is good for Zach in Chicago:

because jesus hates me, not only do i have a terrible cold with an outrageous amount of green mucus spewing from my nose and throat making me not want to do anything that doesnt involve sitting/napping/popping cold medicine like tic tacs, christens cable provider does not offer versus as a standard channel. it costs extra as part of a sports package. why must god torment me like this? not only am i sick as shit, but i cant watch the red wings playoffs, the one sport event i really do like watching.

there is no heaven, only hell and i am living in it right now.

have a good day


This same thing happened to me during last year’s playoffs. (One of the few downsides of being with Christen. Just kidding. Almost the same thing happened to me during last year’s playoffs. Just not at Christen’s house.)


4 Responses to “Versus ruins another life”

  1. Kenny Says:

    Dear Zach,

    1. Go to Pat’s House. He has Versus.
    2. You’re in Chicago, suck it up and go to a sports bar. I know your sick but it’s the wings, do what you have to do.

  2. zachary Says:

    might be going to pats. might be drilling a hole in my cheek to relieve the sinus pressure, either way, the wings better win.

  3. sloan Says:

    the red wings win, the red wings wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin.

  4. broseph Says:

    what a goal. that will be remembered for many years if we manage to overcome the preds on sunday(?) go wings!

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