ESPN nixes Simmons-Obama podcast?

Via Matt Yglesias:

The NY Daily News is reporting that Obama was ready to do a BS Report podcast (Simmons has said a few times how much he likes Obama) but ESPN spiked it at the last minute.

The Daily News says the president of ESPN has donated $1,000 to McCain. A company PR flak in the piece basically says that they need to give equal time to all candidates.

The whole thing is really too bad. Simmons has had some complete non-entities on as guests (some guy who writes a pro wrestling magazine? every friend he’s ever had?) and I’ve been entertained, so imagine the kind of traffic that an Obama interview would get. Is ESPN really worried about its most popular online personality getting tagged as too political? Maybe it would embarrass the rest of ESPN’s coverage by actually being relevant to the world?

Simmons liking Obama seems to be tied explicitly to Obama’s love for basketball and cigarettes. It’s not like BS was going to be stumping for Keynesian economic policy and an end to American imperialism, more like for Bird’s place above Magic in the NBA pantheon.

Another stupid move from the worldwide follower.


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