One of the best moments of my life

No lie.


3 Responses to “One of the best moments of my life”

  1. zachary Says:

    posted in pistons? wrong sport BRA!

  2. reese Says:

    jerry remember when we used to destroy poor souls in gym class, we played that dodge ball bowling pin game, where there was a goalie and u had to try and knock the pin over behind them, one of the greatest moments in your life had to be that lob shot over the goalie that landed right on top of the pin, im pretty sure we went bonkers…for the expected victory

  3. sloan Says:

    king kong dodgeball? something like that? you’re right, that moment was above the goalie fight. i could have tried that shot again about 500 times and missed it every time.

    also that time you flicked a quarter at me from about five feet away and i caught it between my ring and middle fingers.

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