Championship game thought

Woah, Billy Packer is short.


17 Responses to “Championship game thought”

  1. sloan Says:

    if anyone was wondering, i’m pulling for memphis.

  2. sloan Says:

    drose is this year’s carmelo. hansbro is this year’s darko!

  3. sloan Says:

    why doesn’t college adopt the 24 second shot clock?

  4. broseph Says:

    good work jer. by the way, why do i have to suffer the injustice of listening to an highlight with all the momentum crushing lameness of boom goes the dynamite. damn i am sick.

  5. Kenny Says:

    drose is good. i was a completely passionless observer to this game. I like rose’s game a lot, I think I would be hard pressed to take beasley over him, although beasley is good too. I really like CDR’s game too, he reminds me of RIP although he seems to be a little longer, but they both score in somewhat unconventionally.

    I’ve never been a big Kansas fan but they are fun to watch. I like pulling for teams that don’t fit the one or two star players and a bunch of supporting guys mold. They are just really, really solid from top to bottom. I think if those teams play 10 times neither wins more than 6.

  6. Pat Says:

    A couple things…

    1) Beasley is better than D Rose. Not to say D Rose isn’t good, but beasly is better.

    2) Hansbrough is the anti darko. Darko is skilled, tall, fast, quick, can shoot and couldn’t give two shits about basketball. Hansbrough has good skills but couldn’t possibly care more about basketball. He really is the most hustling big man i’ve ever seen.

    3) Reese owes me 120 dollars due to my domination of bets on march madness.

    4) Billy Packer is a moron.

    5) Pretty awesome that the championship game was one of the top 3 games of the entire tournament even without all the drama of the title being on the line. That shot by chalmers will be replayed a lot for the rest of time in march.

    6) Jerry you may not like it, but i think the college game has proven again that teams with heart and desire and playing for fans far more passionate makes the college game superior to the pro game.

    ok commence jerry rebuttle.

  7. zachary Says:

    im already sick of watching the three pointer. i think i saw it 15 times last night.

  8. sloan Says:

    it was definitely a great game, and the best possible conclusion that the NCAA could hope for. but “the college game has proven again that teams with heart and desire and playing for fans far more passionate” makes that game superior?

    of course i oppose that!

    first off, fans more passionate? what’s that even mean? because it’s at a neutral site? i don’t get that. remember how crazy golden state was last year? i’ve never had the chance to be in the building at a NBA playoffs game, but i can’t imagine it’s too quiet around there. because there’s less student-age people and more rich people? i guess that’s fair. but it’s not like san antonio was packed entirely with poor college kids.

    my thing is always this: the NBA is better because there are far less teams and far better talent.

    look at john calipari: the guy gets laughed out of the NBA and he’s coaching in the final game of the NCAAs (where his inability to properly sub out his backcourt had them completely, 100% exhausted at the end. CDR looked like reese after five minutes on the treadmill at the end of that game. horrible.)

    also, everyone was raving about the athleticism in this game, and it’s true it was the most athletic college game i’ve seen in a long time. but maybe three or four of those guys are quick enough and strong enough to play in the league. it’s not even close. but that wasn’t your point.

    your point is that there’s more “heart and desire” in the college game, which i think is crazy.

    aside from the darkos, the eddy currys, the randolphs, the ricky williams of the world (guys who are just soft), elite athletes made it there because they really really really want to be the best.

    imagine if the NBA playoffs were like the NCAAs (just eliminate the first day.) imagine how intense and desperate that basketball would be. can you imagine steve nash/chris paul/AI in a one-game elimination tournament? there’d be blood on the floor every game. can you imagine kobe? his head would literally explode. i don’t even want to think about KG.

    the NBA gets unfairly judged because the season is so long and the playoffs are so long. but i like watching really good players play basketball (and the NBA likes having so many games to sell tickets and TV time for), so i’d rather have 100 games and two months of playoffs than 40 games and three weeks of playoffs.

    but it’s not a matter of the game itself.

  9. sloan Says:

    jesus christ that was a long response. also, i agree with zach about the three—it’s going to in the flutie hail mary category for the rest of our lives.

  10. Kenny Says:

    I admit I’ve only seen beasley play a couple times, and he is definitely really good, but I’m just not sold on him. Obviously team needs play a huge factor but if I have the first pick I’m taking Rose. Beasley put up huge numbers, but the few times I watched him I didn’t really see him dominate a game the way rose has done in this tournament. At one point Drose had either scored or assisted on like 10 straight buckets for Memphis, against the best defensive team in the country. And yes I do recognize that Beasley completely went off when Kansas State played Kansas in the regular season, but I didn’t see that game. And in the games I saw he got his points but he just didn’t blow me away. Again that’s just me, not saying he isn’t a great player and won’t be a great pro.

    Now that I look him up though, I didn’t realize he was 6’10” for some reason I thought he was a smaller at like 6’8″, so that helps his draft stock.

    But to me the NBA game has changed a little bit as the NBA has tried to crack down on hand checking and the more physical plodding style. I really think Drose can have the same type of impact that CP3 and deron williams are having as probably the best two pgs in the league right now.

    If you’re seattle and you fall into the first pick and already have a 6’9″ jeff green and a 6’9″ durant how do you pass on derrick rose? And how could I possibly honor my committment not to ever watch them play if they move to OK City? God I hope this doesn’t happen.

  11. sloan Says:

    yeah, if seattle gets the first pick, i think they take drose. they’ll have a quite a core of guys assembled, but i also think beasley would also help them out A LOT. durant has spud webb like rebounding ability. if they get the three pick, they should try to trade down and fill a couple of holes, like love/hibbert and augustin.

    i really don’t want miami to get rewarded for tanking with beasley/drose. i hope they get stuck with a lopez twin or something. it seems to me like a real crapshoot after the top two.

    i think raymar could fall into the mid-2nd.

  12. sloan Says:

    also, it’s interesting to think about who could be a sleeper pick for the stones. we don’t really have too many holes, except in the heart/desire category.

    courtney lee? thabeet?

  13. Kenny Says:

    Any chance CDR could fall that far? I haven’t looked that closely at any of the mock drafts other than through the lottery and nobody had him going that far. He’s like a cross between tayshaun and RIP in my mind.

    Also what is this raymar talk? You sent that e-mail and it linked to a Cricket recap between Sri Lanka and England.

    No way raymar morgan is coming out. Gottlieb said earlier this year that he and gordon were the only legit NBA prospects in the Big 10 this year, obviously with Gordon being the far superior prospect, but I hadn’t heard anything about him going. Are you just messing with us poor state fans or what?

  14. sloan Says:

    yeah, that was just BS. i amuse myself.

  15. Kenny Says:

    Also, on the Pro vs College debate I’m with pat, i prefer to watch the college game.

    It’s weird but I think the sometimes huge talent disparity even when you have good teams on the court is interesting. It leads to all of the unbelievable upsets that make college basketball unique. But upsets still happen in the NBA, the Warriors taking down the Mavs last year was fun to watch. I just think that because NBA players are so good and so athletic it makes coaches simplify the game. You never see an nba team run a high pressure, trapping defense for an entire game like you see regularly in college, because NBA point gaurds are way too good and can generally break pressure with ease. Because of the 24 second shot clock you don’t see teams running elaborate offensive schemes, a lot of times it comes down to an iso play or the pick and roll. This happens in college too, but I don’t think it is as common.

    The same thing happens in the NFL, you don’t see NFL teams running the option, or the spread option, or the Texas-Tech style spread, or Navy’s power running game, because NFL Athletes are way too good to run a one dimensional offense.

    Obviously you can’t argue with the fact that NBA basketball is the most competitive and is filled with the most athletic and talented basketball players in the world. But I think college basketball, because the players are amateurs and make mistakes, and because there’s such a talent disparity it creates more drama, more energy, more unpredictability. I guess that’s my best explanation for why I’d generally prefer to watch the college game.

    But really this is just splitting hairs because i’ve watched a lot of NBA games this year, and a lot of college games. And I will admit that if I had to choose between say Suns-Mavs in the regular season or a mediocre college game I’d choose the NBA game. But at the same time there is very little you could have done to get me to watch the bottom third of the NBA unless they were playing the Pistons.

  16. zachary Says:

    i dont really watch either unless a team i like is playing. i did watch the ncaa championship though. occasionally ill watch the lakers when they’re on at like 1030.

    jerry, you are cruel.

  17. sloan Says:

    ken, but when you say you prefer the college game, you’d rather watch the bottom third of college teams over the bottom third of pro teams?

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