It feels like 2003 again

Seriously, I thought I could deal with the Tigers’ newfound expectations, but I can’t. It’s too hard. I’m drowning over here, drowning! We might never win a game!

In other news, Kenny won’t be commenting anytime soon, because Leyland has taken him on as a middle reliever. Do us proud Keno.

I’m going to one of the games at Fenway next week. We might lose by a hundred.


2 Responses to “It feels like 2003 again”

  1. zachary Says:

    it will be 6-0 until the 7th when we get some pitching relief then boston puts up 100 on us in 3 innings.

    seriously, against the sox yesterday we gave up 6 hits in a row in the 8th inning. thats terrrrrrrrible.

  2. broseph Says:

    i think the gravest concern should be with all the fielding errors they’re making. i mean in yesterday’s game there was two on the same play! that’s terrible. and we were up in that game and lost.

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