Agreed, agreed

Bill Simmons:

Speaking of Favre, he already has been replaced by Tyler Hansborough as the token “White Athlete That The Media Openly and Embarrassingly Fawns Over Because of His Work Ethic and Love For the Game.” (Note: Steve Nash was the overwhelming favorite here until Hansborough too over during the tournament.) For anyone who doesn’t think there’s a racial component to this, you’re crazy.

The Hansborough worship has been the single-most frustrating thing about the tournament for me. The announcers talk about him like he’s curing cancer while typing out the great American novel with his 14 foot penis and averaging a quadruple-double every night.

What the hell? He’s great for a college player, and I can see him being a poor man’s Shane Battier type in the pros, but I can’t get away from him. It’s like he’s the only player in the tournament. I’ve heard that he’s taken three semesters of Swahili about 35 times in the last month.

I cringe when Jay Bilas talks/slobbers about him in Chris Farley fashion:


7 Responses to “Agreed, agreed”

  1. Kenny Says:

    the only hansborough related piece i’ve enjoyed reading in the last month.

  2. sloan Says:

    i think i tend to fairly discriminatory against white ballers (i was the last person on earth to embrace nash’s greatness) but i think kevin love will be a really really good pro. i think he’ll be okafor-level good.

  3. sloan Says:

    i agree with that piece—we shouldn’t dislike hansbro because he’s white. king said not to judge people because of the color of their skin, but he didn’t say you couldn’t like someone because of how they play or how they’re fawned over by the press.

  4. zachary Says:

    i think love will be a great pro. hansborough im not sold on at all.

  5. zachary Says:

    solid article also, it sats page-granderson, thought it was curtis grandersons blog talking about hansborough.

  6. Kenny Says:

    It really bothers me but I find myself cheering for hansborough. I’m annoyed by the endless commentary, but he does play REALLY hard. Like most really good college players who aren’t sure thing NBA prospects its going to depend on what kind of situation he ends up in. I’m trying to remember who made this comparison (maybe Simmons?) but he reminds me of Carl Landry who was becoming a really good big man off the bench for Houston before he got hurt. I think Hansborough could be a reliable bench scorer down low in the mold of corliss williamson.

  7. sloan Says:

    the racial component that simmons was referring to is that there’s this stereotype that white players WORK HARD while black players rely on physical gifts and get to ease through the NCAA.

    and then you have reese and allen iverson.

    hansborough does play hard, and that’s commendable, but i think part of the backlash comes from the perception (right or wrong) that he gets so much attention because he’s white. if tyler hansborough was malik smith, would be as well-known?

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