Short basketball thoughts

–Simmons really nails Chris Webber’s career here—though he completely ignores the Michigan scandals. Getting paid to play college ball and getting caught couldn’t have impacted him?

–I never liked Wisconsin. I had USC taking them out in the second round, which looks stupid now, but I feel strangely vindicated because Wisco got blown out by NCAA powerhouse David’s progeny (that was a Reese joke.)

–There’s no shame in losing to Memphis. They’re a damn good team, and they have a chance to win the whole thing. If State hadn’t slowed down in the end of the regular season and had gotten a better seed, maybe they could have gone further. But a good season nonetheless.

–Zach Randolph can’t get it right in video games either:

–Gone until Thursday. Peace to my old earth.


One Response to “Short basketball thoughts”

  1. zachary Says:

    i agree jerry. a lot of people in the news around lansing were saying this was a waste of a season, i thinkour preseason hype was a little too high. but we got a lot of things going good for us for next year. and we made it to the sweet 16. not too shabby.

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