Unparalled creativity

YouTube user FuckDetroitMichigan is not a fan of the Pistons.

In fact, he refers to the team as the “Dicktroit PISStons from WHore town.”

Check out his video: “Detroit Pistons WHERE UN AMAZING HAPPENS.” (Get it… where UNamazing happens? Because the NBA’s ads say “Where Amazing Happens”? And this is supposed to be the opposite? Get it?)


3 Responses to “Unparalled creativity”

  1. zachary Says:

    Man All you retarted Pistons fans are just high on crack i cant take ur jokes about the Pistons are gonna win the CHampionship this year Lmfao thats a joke The pistons will never make it back to the finals Unless they get Ben wallace back LMFAO man u guys are retarted thinking ur 3 didlo rings are a dynasty are u pistons fans motherfucking mentally retarted? 16 CHampionships is a dynasty and those 16 were from the celtics Celtics are a big dynasty team nlike the Dicktroit PISStons from WHore town they will never be a dynasty team BOSTON CELTICS 2008 NBA CHAMPIONS LETS GET 17 NBA CHAMPIONSHIPS IN THE CABINET AND UP IN THE RAFTER THIS YEAR GO CELTICS!

    the education system in boston has really gone down the tubes. he claims to be 26 but by his use of ‘ur’ ‘lmfao’ and ‘retarded’ id guess his age to be more around 16 or 17.

  2. broseph Says:

    actually given the erosion of intelligence in this country i think 26 is depressingly accurate.

  3. sloan Says:

    the 26 thing struck me. i’m 23 and legendary for bad jokes, but even i wouldn’t think something like dicktroit would be funny.

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