A measly fifth

Seriously Tiger, you call that golf? Seriously? I haven’t seen a choke like that since Robin Williams’ wife came into the argument.

Speaking of actual underwhelming performances—bigs up to Georgetown and Pitt for destroying my bracket. I love this game.


7 Responses to “A measly fifth”

  1. zachary Says:

    nice use of gwh.

    how bout them spartans?

  2. Pat Says:

    spartans played well. they really could beat memphis, memphis is terrible at free throw shooting. this weekend had some awesome games. curry for davidson is the most impressive little player in the entire tournament. he completely dominated both opening round games for them.

    tiger losing was dissapointing, i wanted him to go undefeated the entire season which i know is sadly impossible.

    as long as we’re plugging our teams, (or just zach is) but i’d like to mention that michigan won the ccha title and is the #1 overall seed in the men’s hockey tournament. Sadly, at michigan, hockey really is the second most followed sport these days as the basketball team has seen better days. With state winning the frozen four last year, hopefully michigan can keep the championship in the state of michigan this season.

  3. Kenny Says:

    Lucas was huge for us on Saturday. He gives them an element that they have lacked since Mateen left, a pg that is constantly looking to push the ball up the court. He was just blowing by levance fields and pittsburgh, who by most accounts was considered a pretty good defensive teams. It will be really interesting to see how lucas matches up with Derrick Rose, who is really, really good. When MSU beat Texas back in December, lucas was their best player in that game as well.

    Anyway, Memphis is going to be the most athletic team we have played probably all season, definitely since the start of the conference season, so we’ll see if our big men can hold their own, and morgan and walton can slow down chris douglas roberts.

  4. sloan Says:

    somebody called lucas “a mini chris paul” or something like that on sportscenter. overstatement of the century. he’s been good though.

  5. sloan Says:

    i like drose too, which probably means he’ll go 1 for 18 with twelve turnovers. go green.

  6. Kenny Says:

    Yea that was Dick Vitale last night, in his list of unheralded players that can make a difference. The CP3 comparison is clearly an overstatement, but seeing as how it’s from vitale that’s to be expected. I think vitale was trying to say he’s a “mini chris paul” in that he’s quicker than just about anybody on the floor. And somehow because vitale is hard to understand he made it sound like he was just comparing their overall games. I would dare say that if Lucas was as close to as good as Chris Paul was we wouldn’t have lost 8 games this year.

    But I am a really big Lucas fan, and am looking forward to watching him match up with drose.

  7. zachary Says:

    dont forget pat, msu is in the ncaa tournament as well. but if we lose. id like um to win, keep hockey ships in MI.

    sutan is the key to game. im a big believer that when sutan excels, state excels. also, love our pick and role with neitzel. hopefully memphis overplays neitz like pitt does.

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