News via Jeu

I finally listened to a voicemail Zach left me about 24 hours ago (my bad), and he says that Michigan State’s Sparty is going to be on the cover of an NCAA football video game? Between my cousin’s wedding and this, Sparty is a busy dude.

I guess the bigger question is: why Sparty, why a football game? Is it a “Barely .500” edition of the game?


10 Responses to “News via Jeu”

  1. zachary Says:

    i hate you. its ncaa football 2009. the only college football game. and sparty is the best mascott in the nation.

    hows um doing in the ncaa touornament? wait no. the NIT? wait no. they dont play until next year.

    and i believe um and state both went to bowl games last year.

    go green!!!!

  2. sloan Says:

    state got pounded by the one and only boston college.

  3. zachary Says:


  4. sloan Says:

    and by pounded i mean a three point victory.

  5. zachary Says:


  6. sloan Says:

    and by true you mean “I will end you.”

  7. sloan Says:

    also, i reject the assumption that i’m an anti-MSU. my mom went to MSU. i like MSU. just yesterday i was asking you people to buy me a MSU shirt.

  8. zachary Says:

    since when did your ma go to msu? i need to start talking to your mom about sparty a little more.

    true…got that chief?

  9. sloan Says:

    she always went to MSU. she didn’t transfer there last year or anything.

  10. zachary Says:

    so that wasnt your ma i saw in owen hall gettin a cheese burger??

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