I’m sucked in!

Every post I make about college basketball is prefaced by, “But I don’t really watch college basketball.”

That being said, every year I get sucked into the tournament. The flawed, terrible, glorious tournament. I can’t imagine a lot of progress on my novel will be made over the next four days.

Also, I picked UCLA (beating Georgetown), and now it seems like everyone and their blind uncle is picking UCLA.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I was at the game, and four hundred feet away, so I had no way of knowing this. Also, I was too depressed to look too deeply into the coverage afterwards. Anyway, why did no one tell me that Rasheed was cursing out Flip Saunders on the court during the loss? Seriously, why did no one tell me about this? (I just heard about this on Simmons’ podcast with Gus Johnson.) We definitely look out of sorts in big games.


18 Responses to “I’m sucked in!”

  1. sloan Says:

    georgia is playing xavier right now. terrified about this game. i like xavier a ton, but georgia is the hottest 14 seed in the history of 14 seeds.

  2. sloan Says:

    also, is there a package i can buy where i get every game?

  3. sloan Says:

    i’ve msu-temple on courtney’s laptop, georgia-xavier on the TV.

    even for an NBA apologist like myself, you have to love this kind of basketball action.

  4. zachary Says:

    my school work drops terribly this time of year. i watch game i dont really care about just because theyre always close, and i want to cheer my bracket

  5. sloan Says:

    xavier is getting smoked by georgia. i’ve got xavier beating duke in 14 rounds… i hate my life.

  6. zachary Says:

    i got X going to elite 8. this is bad.

  7. Kenny Says:

    i found uot about the cursing match from the Gus Johnson podcast as well. I was in florida at the time and didn’t see the game. I’m not terribly concerned. Clearly you would prefer these things didn’t happen, but sometimes guy’s emotions boil over and this stuff happens.

  8. sloan Says:

    xavier roared back, down four…

  9. sloan Says:

    you don’t think sheed’s outburst could speak to a large problem with flip? flip doesn’t exactly have a handful of rings.

  10. sloan Says:

    xavier up three! what a comeback.

  11. matt Says:

    jerry your like a 12 y-o girl at a JT Lake concert when he hits a bad note and then brings some sexy back

  12. sloan Says:

    wow, not going to respond to that simile.

    BIG WIN FOR THE BIG X! CRY ME A riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiver!

    good game from MSU too. all is well in the sloan zone.

  13. matt Says:

    jerry you really are a great writer. the first to ever convey that they are tone-deaf in writing.

  14. zachary Says:


  15. sloan Says:

    i can’t compare with an all-state high school sports columnist.

  16. matt Says:


  17. sloan Says:

    matt, did you know about this sheed business?

  18. matt Says:

    no, had class late and turned the game off after seeing them down 15 in the 2nd. I just can’t stand announcers loving the cavs. what’s worse is the pistons complete failure to put them in their place.

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