Morning outrage: Shame on the Rockets’ fans!

Not all of them. But quite a few of them.

The Rockets got rocked last night at home by the Celtics. It was close at half, but it was a blowout by the fourth quarter, and the fans (at least in the televised seats, near the floor) responded by fleeing the scene of the crime en masse.

What the hell?

Seriously… what the hell?

Your team just had the second-longest winning streak in the history of the NBA. Last night was ugly, and everybody wants to get home as early as possible, but your team just revived basketball in your city and made you the center of the basketball world for weeks. In a really exciting year for basketball.

The Rockets did leave the court last night to a standing ovation, but the vast majority of the “fans” had already left. T-Mac and company should have departed to a packed house celebrating their phenomenal/captivating/inspiring run. I’ve never cared about the Rockets before, but that squad deserved better last night. (Making some shots would have helped.)


2 Responses to “Morning outrage: Shame on the Rockets’ fans!”

  1. sloan Says:

    i really don’t want to talk about how good the celtics looked…

  2. zachary Says:

    tmac had 8 points, had i been there i woulda left for the dump he laid for my fantasy team.

    im not pleased about sam cassel signingwih the celtics, hopefully he tears his acl.

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