Two quick basketball thoughts

Xavier was my only sleeper NCAA team, and they get Georgia as a 14 seed? Georgia who just completed a miraculous run through the SEC tourney? As a 14? I hate college basketball.

Also, the Nuggs dropped 168 on the Sonics last night. In regulation. And the very smart Kelly Dwyer makes the case that their defense was the better story in the game.

I’m the biggest Iverson homer on the planet, but I think a lot of teams would hate to see Denver in the first round (if they can somehow make it–which I doubt.) When you’re guaranteed 50 from two guys every night, it makes defending a team difficult.


2 Responses to “Two quick basketball thoughts”

  1. Pat Says:

    skip bayless just picked my exact same final 4 teams. i hate skip bayless. hopefully he’s right on this one though.

  2. zachary Says:

    kelly dwyer must not watch sports because in the last three games the nugs have allowed 136 (go stones), 116, and 105. now THATs fantastic defense and journalism. how much does dwyer make? cause its toooooo much.

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