Maxiell’s block

Here it is. I could watch this all day. I will watch this all day.


4 Responses to “Maxiell’s block”

  1. zachary Says:

    thats sick. i missed that.

    his other huge block that was called a foul was sick also. cant believe it was called a foul. it was later in the game.

  2. Pat Says:

    Gotta love maxey.

  3. Kenny Says:

    yea that was tight. I was watching that live and it even made me wake up from my hangover induced comatose viewing of the game. I sat up to better take in the replays. Didn’t watch much of the second half however, because once we were blowing them out i fell asleep.

  4. sloan Says:

    i yelled “GET OUT!!!!” really loud.

    courtney said, “was that really necessary?”

    “yes, as a matter of fact, it was.”

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