This is horrible

Simmons made a point recently that I’ve been making almost the whole season: Miami and Chicago should no longer be allowed on national TV (he might have just said Miami, but Chicago is equally disgraceful.) I’d honestly rather watch NBA highlights from the other games for three hours. Give me the studio team and highlights.

The Bulls are getting crushed by a good Cs team, but this game should just not be on ESPN. Chicago isn’t even trying. It’s slightly fascinating to watch a team that Kenny picked to win the East (I think that was this year, wasn’t it?) be this bad, but not fascinating enough that I want to see it every other night.

Also, Scalabrine cannot pull off the bald head look (though he deserves props for supporting a charity.) Not everyone can look this good:


4 Responses to “This is horrible”

  1. sloan Says:

    sunday: chicago’s back on national TV! at least it’s the stones…..

  2. sloan Says:

    also, jo noah is a better NBA guy than i anticipated, and he could make every roster in the league, but his game is so ugly. he makes anderson varejao look like doctor j.

  3. zachary Says:

    re submit that picture to the rec eag

  4. Pat Says:

    Jerry, just to clarify and take some responsibility for being a moron, i thought chicago could come out of the east this season so you can’t blame kenny for this one. I don’t understand how they’ve regressed so far, how hinrich is suddenly a bad point gaurd and none of their bigs can play and deng is no longer looking like an up and coming star. They are extremely awful and a big mess.

    They should have kept tyson chandler and not traded ty thomas for aldrige, then they’d actually be good.

    Even though i was wrong the bulls being horrible does make me very happy.

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