Mandatory and painful

I should probably say something about last night’s Stones-Celtics game, which I attended.

Let me first mention my seats:

We were in the “promenade” section, which is (at the same time) very inconvenient, very comfortable, and very far away from the hoop. It’s the highest point in the arena, and only accesible via the elevators, which is a pain. But once you’re up there, you have tons of space to roam and there’s about ten people for every toilet. Probably the most favorable person to toilet ratio of any arena section in the country. It’d be a perfect place to bring about 50 friends, because there’s only one row of seats and you can get up and talk to anyone else in the section at any time.

Also, if you bring an out-of-state ID, you have to be 25 to buy a beer. Lame action.

Back to the game: I don’t want to talk about the game. The Pistons were off all night, and despite making run after run after run, and continually making the game close, they’d then cool off and stop playing good basketball. They took terrible shots all night. Sheed kept us in the game for three quarters, though KG was even better.

And Rajon Rondo was really the difference, the same way Big Baby Davis was the difference last time. The Celtics just added SamIam and PJ Brown. They can only get better. We’re going to have to play really good basketball to beat them in a series.


8 Responses to “Mandatory and painful”

  1. broseph Says:

    was this shot taken from the mini-blimp? geez jer, that’s a crappy viewing area.

  2. Pat Says:

    Yeah i saw the score last night but didn’t get to watch the game and was expecting detailed scout like analysis from someone who attended…

  3. sloan Says:

    Once your body adjusted to the air up there, it was actually nice. I’d definitely sit there again, especially if I was bringing a bunch of people.

    Okay, some thoughts from watching in person last night, all negative–I might be wrong on stats, because it’s harder to follow that live:

    Amir Johnson needs to gain 25 pounds of muscle. I still love him though. He runs the court so well for a guy his height. But right now he can’t play 1 on 1 on-ball defense against good big guys. He gets completely murdered.

    Maxiell has to play his game (offensive rebounds, hustle, etc.) If he doesn’t get an o-rebound or a dunk on his first possession, I think you sub him out and let him try again later. He should never dribble. And I think he leads the league in missed dunks (but at least he’s going hard.)

    Tayshaun needs to exert himself on the offensive end somehow, some way. I think he could post up PP.

    Sheed can’t take stupid fouls (he had two bad ones in a 15 second stretch) and stupid beginning of the possession threes.

    Jarvis was completely useless last night, not sure what’s going on there.

    I like what Juan Dixon brings, but he’s kind of like an older Stuckey with less upside. Not sure if you can keep both guys without hurting Stuckey long-term.

    McNugget was horrible on both ends, but I blame KG for that. I worry about his body going 30 minutes a game too.

    It felt like they were killing us on the glass all night, and they did outrebound us, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought when I looked at the boxscore afterwards.

    Rasheed can’t go 0-4 from the charity stripe, that hurts. And he can’t have half or so of his shots be from 3 point territory. he had some success banging down low, but he didn’t try often enough.

    Basically, we were just cold all night. We weren’t getting shots to fall, and we were taking a lot of bad shots. The offensive was not running well.

    We played decent defense, though I think Chauncey’s D has slipped considerably.

    Plus, as I mentioned earlier, the Cs just added PJ and Cassell, two very solid vets. Hopefully those two will mess up their chemistry, but that’s really the only optimism I have coming out of that game.

    We got beaten by a better team last night.

  4. zachary Says:

    i think sheed chauncey and tay should post up a lot. both get consistant mismatches. sheeds over the head shot from 15 feet in cant be stopped. he should do that all game.

  5. zachary Says:

    all get*

  6. Pat Says:

    Interesting analysis jerry. i wish we played boston one more time down the stretch but no matter the influx of young guys the pistons are still a jumpshooting team, when the jumpers aren’t falling, they are going to struggle. All i know is that the playoffs are going to be exciting this season.

  7. sloan Says:

    right. rereading that, it sounds really pessimistic. i’m not down on this stones team, i think they’re very very good. i think they could win the whole thing. but the celtics are at almost the same talent level now, though we have a core that could be good for seven more years assembled, and the celtics would have the best player in the series. and lebron is playing unreal basketball. our big advantage over the Cs is playoff experience.

    it’s hard to be objective, but i think all three teams have a good shot of winning the east.

    also, i don’t know how it would work with taytay on the floor, but i really wish we had a carmelo anthony type could create his own shot more often and get to the basket. if only he’d have been available to us!

  8. Kenny Says:

    It seems like forcing you to be 25 to use an out of state ID would be violation of the interstate commerce clause, especially if they told you that was their actual policy/procedure. I mean the drinking age is 21. If you have a legitimate ID it shouldn’t matter what state you are from. I think you should contact the aclu. You definitely should have raised hell waited fro the police to arrive and busted out like 20 forms of ID till they sold you a beer.

    I didn’t see the game either, so I don’t have any analyses. I think it will be a long series that could go either way. But I think the Celtics have outplayed us head to head this year.

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