Breaking: Yao done for the year

Too bad. T-Mac can’t get a break in his career. I like that guy.

Pat, who you cheering for now?


5 Responses to “Breaking: Yao done for the year”

  1. Pat Says:

    Calling me out becuase i always think houston should be good…obviously without yao they have no hope, i’m not even sure they make the playoffs now let alone do any damage once there. Thats pretty sad too beacuse they were playing awesome basketball.

    Jerry your just happy because this means the nugs will probably find their way to the 8 seed and get into the playoffs.

  2. sloan Says:

    I think Battier should be loaned to Denver for the rest of the season so they can make a run.

    Even Skip to my Lou was playing great ball. As someone who just appreciates basketball, you never want to see a season ruined by injury.

  3. sloan Says:

    Also, I genuinely like TMac. His heart is in the right place. Next season, if healthy, hopefully they can recapture what they had going.

  4. zachary Says:

    hopefully his heart is in the right place and he tears it up for my fantasy team for the rest of the year. but itll likely be that he takes a lot of time off since his team is out of contention.

  5. sloan Says:

    good point by Hollinger in the NY Sun, via Truehoop:

    While it’s too much to ask the Chinese to hold Yao out of the Olympics, one wonders if the Rockets can get some reasonable limits placed on his usage, especially in tune-up games against second-tier sides. Regardless, one presumes there’s an increased risk of wear-and-tear injuries cropping up again next season. At this point, both sides would be best served by agreeing to limit his future national team participation after 2008. Yao is no longer an indestructible 23-year-old — he’s now 27 and has a history of foot problems. Obviously, having Yao play in summers for China isn’t helpful to the Rockets’ interests. But the opposite is also true. One hopes the Chinese eventually realize that running Yao into the ground every summer, thereby hampering his odds at NBA success, doesn’t necessarily advance their country’s cause for sporting glory.

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