The problem with high expectations

I’m terrified about this Tigers team. It’s really hard to build a winning baseball team, and our pitching is very suspect. But our lineup is so good that we’re likely the favorite in a deep AL Central.

I’m not pining for the old days (when Opening Day was one of the few times we were in contention) but it’s hard getting used to being an “elite” team.

Also, I’m really tired of people acting like Willis is undeniably a great addition to our rotation. He’s been brilliant in the past, but that was a long-time ago in baseball years, and in a much weaker league (without the DH.)


4 Responses to “The problem with high expectations”

  1. Kenny Says:

    Yea if there’s one thing watching the Yankees the last 5 years should have taught us its that trotting out a lineup full of all-stars doesn’t gaurantee you anything. Especially in the playoffs.

    You can put a question mark next to every member of the rotation except for Verlander. Is Robertson capable of being anyhting more than a 4th or 5th starter like he was in 2006, but struggled last year. Will Bondo be healthy and finally put it all together for an entire season? Will Dontrelle be the pitcher of 2005, or the .500 pitcher with an era around 5 taht he was last year? Rogers is 43 and threw like 60 innings last year, what can you expect from him?

    The bullpen is just as questionable, and was downright bad for a while last year. Rodney was great in 2006, struggled for the first 2/3 of last year with injuries. and then was pretty good at the end of the year. Jones seems to keep on plugging along, but he’s getting old and unfortunately eventually that will catch up to you. Zumaya is out for at least the first half of the season, and nobody knows for sure what he will be at when he does come back.

    I am excited, because this offense should ensure that at the end of the year they are right there in the mix, just like the Yankees lineup has carried them at least into the playoffs, but to win in the playoffs you have to get great pitching, and that is by far our biggest question mark.

  2. sloan Says:

    totally agree. injuries killed us last year, and i hope we can put it all together.

  3. zachary Says:

    if were like the yankees for a few years ill be fine. i like when detroit sports win. obv id like to win a ship but just winning in general feels good. id rather win a lot for 10 years then win 1 ship and suck for 9 years.

  4. sloan Says:

    for the tigers, i’d endure nine more losing seasons if i knew that was the only way to get a championship.

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