The Kidd and the Mavs, together again

Despite his talent and one-time “best current player at the position” status, I’ve never been a huge Jason Kidd fan. So I certainly don’t think an aged Jason Kidd makes the Mavs a Spurs-conquering contender, or improves the team in any kind of long-term way.

That being said, I’ve become obsessed with the importance of ideas like chemistry and leadership and tone-setting. The Sheed trade changed the Pistons in ways I could never have expected or anticipated. Dominating the Eastern Conference for a few years also changed the Stones in ways I could never have expected or anticipated—although they were all negative. Who knows which way this one goes.

Who’s getting the shots at big moments? A still shell-shocked Dirk? a still emerging Howard? a gimpy JKidd? Kidd is fearless, he will take the shot. But he probably shouldn’t.

This team seems more in need of Shaq’s sunny demeanor than the Suns. I think Dirk would do a lot better if he didn’t have to be the center of attention all the time. And Shaq, regardless of current playing ability, is always the center of attention.

My hope for the offseason—Beasley goes to the Supersonics.

Imagine the Western Conference at that point, to a casual fan:
Seattle—Beasley, Durant, Green
Portland—Oden joining a near-playoff team
Lakeshow—Kobe, Odom, Pau, Bynum
San Antonio—the dynasty
Houston—Yao and TMac
Utah—potential title team
Dallas—Howard, Dirk, Kidd
Phoenix—maybe the best team in basketball
Denver—Melo and AI
Golden State—the most fun team in the league to watch

Those are ten legitimately exciting, need-to-see-them-in-person teams. The NBA is in a very good place right now (so we’ll probably have another unwatchable Cavs versus powerhouse slaughterhouse of a Finals…)


11 Responses to “The Kidd and the Mavs, together again”

  1. sloan Says:

    Also: Bibby to the Hawks.

    Yep, Bibby to the Hawks.

    I’ve got nothing.

  2. sloan Says:

    Also, because I’m a complete idiot, I forgot to mention New Orleans when listing the interesting teams in the West (and they make my argument even stronger!) They’re only playing the best basketball of any team in the West and led by the best non-Nash point in the league (and he’s damn close to Nash.)

  3. sloan Says:

    actually, i’ll also say that Bibby does make the Hawks more interesting.

    despite the fact that they’re EIGHT GAMES UNDER FIVE HUNDY (gotta love the east), they’ll probably make the playoffs.

    they’ve got a really good core of young players, plus joe johnson. they should try to pry one of memphis’ young points and really build something. but bibby should get them some good playoff experience in the meantime.

  4. sloan Says:

    haha, last comment i promise!

    regarding the hawks needing a point guard—i’m just not convinced acie law can be a solid NBA point guard (though he really impressed me in college.)

  5. sloan Says:

    SOMETHING ELSE: i hear ben gordon is being shopped. who’d want him?

  6. khandor Says:

    J-Kidd for Harris, Diop, plus two #1 draft picks – First thoughts

    Jason Kidd is a great NBA Point Guard …

    The Best Point Guards in the NBA: An Update

    but, unfortunately for Dallas, even with him in their line-up, the Mavs are still not quite as good as the Spurs or the Lakers, when either of these two teams are healthy.

  7. zachary Says:

    dont the hawks have like 4 pgs now with bibby?

    i cant think of any team for gordon.

    i realy cant stand watching golden state. however i caught an LA game recently. and theyre a gooood team to watch. i feel like bynum can only hurt. but im a casual nba fan and the lakers do look good rightnow.

  8. zachary Says:

    Notes, Quotes

    • Red Wings enforcer Aaron Downey went after Ian Laperriere late in the first period and pummeled him, in retaliation for his hit to the head on Nicklas Lidstrom. Laperriere and Downey collided in the opening minute of the third period as well, leading to a brief melee. It also led to a shouting match on the bench between Wings coach Mike Babcock and Colorado assistant coach Tony Granato, who was not happy that Downey came off the bench to replace Valtteri Filppula while Laperriere was on the ice.

    Quote To Note: “It looked like it was scripted out of the WWE. I got no problem playing the game good and fair. I play the game good and fair. (But) we can’t be running our superstars. If you want to have a good, clean hit, go out there and have a good, clean hit, but when the elbows are up, when you hit a five-time Norris winner, one of the best defensemen to ever play the game, it’s a joke, in my mind.” — Detroit’s Aaron Downey on Ian Laperriere’s hit on Nicklas Lidstrom.

  9. Pat Says:

    First things first, Chris Paul is better than steve nash. There is a thing in basketball called defense. The suns are not the premier team in the west because they dont’ play it. Shaq could help, but they will still probably lose to the spurs because they don’t defend anyone with nash as the greatest culprit, followed closely by amare.

    Next, bibby is a very nice PG to plug into a team with a lot of talent around him. Theres no reason that acie law can’t be a decent backup and the hawks be set at PG. I like where the hawks are at and think it would be smart for them to let their core grow together for another year with bibby in the fold and see what happens next season.

    Jerry, i think you are underestimating how much better Jkidd is than devin harris, his leadership and playmaking ability gives the mavs a shot in the arm, and remember, this was the team that lost int he finals and then went out and had the best record in the regular season. They are a legitimate championship threat this season.

    Can i get some props on my rockets pick? They are looking mighty good these days.

    The lakers are good, the kobe finger and bynum injury are the only things that are concerning for them. If they dont’ win the title this season, they will be a legit favorite going into next year.

    The west is interesting, but golden state doesn’t really interest me. I hate baron davis because he’s so damn talented but so damn unmoitivated so any team he leads i simply am not a fan of. Plus stephen jackson is the captain. ugh

    Melo and AI just aren’t that great of combo. Why is that? I mean they have other talent around them as well. Camby is probably the DPOY and kleiza has played well out of nowhere.

    I think there would be a lot of takers for ben gordon. He’s the ideal 3rd guard for any team in the league that has a good backcourt. He can play the 2, or the point in a pinch and is a decent defender even though he lacks size. He can also fill it up, he’s the perfect 6th man. Chicago’s problem is that he’s their second best player and scorer and with deng injured he’s the best offensive player. He’s supposed to be your 6th man guys, nice signing of ben wallace. Way to let tyson chandler go, you know, the younger, cheaper, more athletic and healthy version of ben wallace. What ben wallace was 5 years ago. Nice decision making.

  10. sloan Says:

    I think Melo and AI are a pretty good combo. They combine for 55 points a night. Neither has even been an incredibly efficient scorer, but they get to the line and make free throws. They could be scary in a first round series. What else were people expecting? Instant title? If Kenyon was where he used to be, I think the team would be really dangerous. Or if they were in the East, they’d challenge the Stones and Celtics, I believe that. Two scorers and a great defensive center doesn’t equal a championship team. Their role players aren’t particularly good.

  11. sloan Says:

    Let the record show I was against the BWall deal at the time.

    Also, every conversation about the NBA right now should start with “But we really don’t know anything at this point.”

    The Mavs, Suns, and Lakers are now totally different teams then where they were a few weeks ago. And no one has any idea what’s going to happen. Definitely the most exciting thing to happen in the NBA since we got Darko.

    The three sure thing good teams in the NBA right now are Detroit, SanAn (if healthy) and Boston. Everyone else is a question mark.

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