Wait, there’s a college-age basketball league?

Zach sent out a taunting e-mail about how I never watch the Spartans play ball. So I watched the second half last night against Indiana. Great game green. Completely demolished. And that was without White, who was on the bench with some kind of injury.


You know your conference is bad when Purdue is the team to beat.

Dick Vitale is right—there should be some kind of built-in rule that Indiana-Purdue and Michigan-Michigan State happens twice per year, every year. Conference/home state rivals should always play twice.

It seemed like the IU fans were behind Sampson, which is completely crazy. They’re going to enjoy sitting out of the post-season for the next two years because of him.

Also, I saw that movie Glory Road, about the Texas Western-Kentucky championship game. Almost exactly what you would expect. One downside: Tatyana Ali was in the movie as the love interest of one of the college kids. You know I love Ashley Banks as much as the next guy, but wasn’t she like 18 when Fresh Prince ended in 1995? She’s gotta be 30 now. Which is fine, but it kind of makes it hard to believe she’s falling in love with a 19 year old.


3 Responses to “Wait, there’s a college-age basketball league?”

  1. broseph Says:

    oh well, at least there was some quality erin andrews involvement. you haven’t lived until you’ve sat three inches from the projection screen and seen her monolithic figure towering over you.

    also, the dunk contest winner seemed kinda lame. as i pointed out to matt, that’s not even really a dunk if he can’t actually get the ball to the rim. and i liked the cupcake one.

  2. zachary Says:

    yea, state has some issues right now. tooo many turnovers (12 in first half). i know izzo will get them ready for the B10 tournament and the ncaa. thats all that matters in my mind. we managed to squander an 11 point lead in the first half.

    msu would kill BC also.

    jerrys bias runs deep. you bleed aztec’s corn and blue.

  3. sloan Says:

    go green, go white!

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