Just found these very interesting, very high-quality pictures from the Stones-Knicks game that Keno, Dano, Heintz, myself and Reese (DNP-hungover) went to.


And it’s hard to get too excited when the stones are blowing the knicks out by 30. We were able to move waaayyy down to some pretty fantastic seats for the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter.


Hey guys, i never went to a stones-knicks game, it was a stones – rockets game you degens.

You can always count on Pat to come through with a strange putdown. But he’s right—it was a Rockets game. Kenny and I are idiots (though I’m the leader, I started it) and were mixing up the last two games we went to. It’s hell getting old.


One Response to “Correction”

  1. Pat Says:

    Yeah i’m sorry i was AWOL for a while there, i was out in california. Apparently this blog falls apart without me.

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